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Hi! My name is Kelly Keitzer. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. 

I am a born and raised Floridian who has lived in a 3 mile radius my whole life (excluding while I was in college). So, some (meaning me) would call me a Townie. I married JJ 11 days shy of being 26 but we met when I was 18 but didn't really date until I was 24.

We currently live in the town where we were both raised. I am lucky enough to raise my kids 1 mile away from my parents and 30 minutes from my father-in-law. 

I found out I was pregnant with our son, H, a few months after our 1 year anniversary and then found out I was pregnant with our daughter, A, the day after Valentines Day and a year after H was born. H and A are 21 months apart which I now feel is a great age difference since they can play with each other but I did not feel that way when I was pregnant. Being hugely pregnant and chasing a toddler around was not easy. 

I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination but now that I stay home with the kids, I care more about what I wear and how I look. I know that is kinda backwards but that is how I am.  I am not a chef or a DIY'er but I am trying to get better. 

I started this blog to document our life. Life definitely moves faster with 2 kids than with 1 and now that H is talking, there is so much that I want to document and remember. I am not a person to keep a diary but with a blog you can add pictures and videos and with even the thought that someone else might read this, it holds me accountable to write. 

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  1. Hi Kelly! I came across your link on the Hump Day Blog Hop (A Peek Into My Paradise). I'm starting early. Haha! I am following you via Bloglovin' and Google+. Please follow me back. Have a great week.



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