Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Menu Planning Monday... on a Tuesday

So this menu is a week late. Sorry. I just did not even think about putting it down last week. But now I am trying to get my act together so I want to make sure that we know what to make again. 

So, without further ado, here is what we ate last week (with our thoughts).

Meals for the week of March 31, 2014

Pork Chops Marsala Recipe

This is one of my favorite meals. The mushroom sauce really makes the pork chops delicious. If you know me but at all, you pretty much know that I will add mushrooms to any recipe if I can. 
I pair the pork chop with Cauliflower Mash Potatoes. I use half a head of cauliflower and boil with 1 baking potato. JJ does not like cauliflower so I can't do real cauliflower mash but A & I LOVE this and JJ tolerates it so I make it regularly whenever I feel like mashed pots would be a good side. 

Kickin' BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
Kicking BBQ Chicken Quesadilla Found in Cooking Light Magazine April 2014 (Healthy)
This was as good this week as it was last week. Last week I served it with a side of butternut squash but the kids didn't eat it. JJ had a genius idea this week. We mashed the butternut squash and put it in the quesadilla. The flavor went really well with the tangy barbecue sauce and the kids still gobbled it up. I always count it as a victory when H eats vegetables. 

Pear, Blue Cheese, and Bacon Focaccia-Style Pizza Recipe

Pear, Blue Cheese & Bacon Focaccia Pizza (Healthy)
This was just ok. It was kinda bland. I did not feel like my flavors melded well together. It didn't taste bad, just not fantastic like I know that it could. Neither JJ nor the kids would touch it so we ended up heating up from frozen pizzas that we have in case of times like these. 
I think that the pizza disappointed me so much because it takes about 2 hours (longer than I like to spend on dinner). 
Probably won't make this one again. 

Moms Spaghetti with Garlic Bread
This is always one of my favorites. It is easy to make and the kids love it. I make this early in the morning and by dinner time all the flavors have melded together perfectly. It really taste like childhood to me. Follow the link to my recipe. 
I served it with store bought garlc bread (Publix brand) which was perfect. 

I have to say that I consider if a pretty successful week when only 1 recipe isn't a hit. But now that I think about it, every recipe was a repeat but that one that no one liked.  Oh well. It was a good and healthy week. That is all I really care about when it comes to dinner. 

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