Tuesday, September 17, 2013

H-isms Part 2

H has his good days and his bad days but man, those good times make all the bad times totally worth it. 

When A was born, we decided for me to stay home with H because he was slightly delayed in speech and I could work with him all day long and give him that one-on-one attention that he couldn't get in daycare. It amazes me how much his speech his grown in the last 10 months. He was barely saying 1 word and now he is consistently putting 5-6 word sentences together.  Some of the stuff he says makes me laugh and just amazes me. 

Now that he is in school, he has grown by leaps and bounds. The other day, we were on our way to church and H told me (out of the blue) "new carpet at school." It had been 3 days since he had been to school and it amazed me that he remembered it and wanted to share with me. 

H is learning and discovering new stuff all the time and I don't want to forget any of it. 

Every day when I pick H up from school, I ask him what he did, did he make any new friends, what their names were, and if he had fun. H almost always responds with "No!" He does not seem to want to talk about school when he leaves. He has never mentioned any other kids other than to say that he played with kids. Yesterday, on the way to school, H asked "Harper school today?"  He has never spoken about another kid or even acknowledged that he has learned other kids names. I can't wait to share with Harper's mom that her daughter is the first kid that H learned the name of. 

I have also learned to watch what I say around H. Evidently, every time that JJ needed to take a shower after working in the yard, I would tell H that JJ was nasty.  So, now, every time anyone (me, JJ, NiNi or Poppa) go to take a shower, H gets this pained look on his face and says "Nasty... So & So is Nasty."

Our neighbor has put some Woodpecker boxes on their trees. It is great because Woodpeckers love them and you can hear the pecking all over the neighborhood. For some reason, H won't say "Woodpecker" so whenever he hears woodpeckers he shouts "Hookpecker!!!!!" Cracks me up every time. 

I hope you have a great Tuesday. 


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