Monday, September 2, 2013

Verily Magazine

The other day Verily Magazine arrived in my mailbox. I had never heard of this magazine but was very excited to read it just based on the article titles on the cover. 

Turns out that JJ had heard about it from a tweet by Samantha Ponder and decided that it would be a nice surprise for me. And it was!

Verily features articles that are made to "uplift women" and help women "be the best they can be". I think that it was founded by some catholic women but the articles didn't appear to be faith based or overly catholic (of which I am not). 

I have only received 1 issue but love the format and the styling of the magazine. The magazine is broken up into different sections. They have style, relationships, lifestyle, culture and also a feature article. 

One of the things that I really like about the magazine is at the beginning of each section there is a noteworthy page where they just do a little blurb about a few things that are in style or are making their way to being in vogue in that section. In the noteworthy page of the Culture section, I learned about the new BBC show Hollow Crown that is going to start in September. I can not wait for it! I do not think that I would have heard about a BBC show in Cosmo or Vogue. 

All of the articles are insightful and really speak to every day life. The models don't appear to be too touched up or wearing clothes are so ridiculously expensive that I couldn't afford it even if I saved for a year. I really enjoyed the style article on mixing patterns and how to best do that with what you have.  I have actually already created an outfit based off what I read in the article. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this and can't wait for the next issue. There are 6 issues a year so it will be a while till the next one comes but luckily I have quite a few articles to read until it does. 

Have you ever heard of or read Verily Magazine?  If not, check out the link. 


**** I was in no way compensated for this feature. I just received the magazine as a surprise from my husband and liked it so much that I wanted to share it! ****

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  1. Had to stop by after your comment - I love "meeting" fellow Chi-Os and Seminoles! Did you know Mickey Holmes? I am bad at math and can't add up if y'all were in the house at the same time :)

    Also - Love that your husband saw a tweet from Sam and ordered this for you! I'll have to check this out.


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