Monday, September 16, 2013

H's new bed!!

A few weeks ago JJ & I decided that H was just getting too old for his toddler bed. He just wasn't sleeping well in the toddler bed anymore. We chalked that up to a toddler/baby mattress and the fact that he just didn't feel comfortable in that bed anymore. 

Mom and Dad had one of my grandfathers, Gramps, old bunk beds. They gave one of the beds away so we only have 1 but JJ & I loved the idea of H's first big boy bed was slept in my the grandfather that he is named after. 

Bed bed was originally made by my great-grandfather in a natural wood. When my sister got it, it was painted white. 

I am extremely tired of the paint in H's room so I want to paint his room white. Since I want to paint his room white, I don't want the bed to also be white. So, we decided to paint it Navy (Naval by Sherwin Williams by be exact). 

I like the way that it turned! I love the anchor detail on the headboard. Since the room is white and the bed is navy, we might do a naval theme at some point. 

We bought animal sheets and a comforter from Target. We put H in the bed a couple of weeks ago and only had one little incident. The first night, H woke up scared. I chalked it up to to waking up to a new surrounding and not having the security of the sides of the bed. 

See.... we need to paint his room

We plan for JJ to build another bed so that we will have a twin set. The bed is pretty simply designed so I think that my handyman husband will be able to build a great bed. 

It was a shock for me to put my first born in a real bed... a bed that he will sleep in for years!! It scares me how fast he is growing up but I love to watch him grow up and see the joy he gets on his face to call that bed his. 

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