Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A is FINALLY walking

So, around 8 months old A started to pull herself up on furniture. We were all so sure that by 9 months old she would be walking. Her 9 month birthday came and went. As did her 10th month, 11th month, 12th month and 13th month.

If this was my first kid, I would have been crazy worried but since she was the 2nd I was a little more relaxed. She was making all the motions so I knew that she had it in her to walk. She either didn't want to or was too scared to try. I mean, she is my child, so she was probably waiting until she was an expert at it before she showed it off to the world. 

Finally, around the middle of December, she started to take a step here and a step there but no real consistent attempts to walk.  So, one day I started to bribe her to walk. I would stand a few steps from her and hold my phone in one hand and a remote in the other. She would very timidly take a few steps. A few days of that and she still wasn't trying to walk on her own. 

Then... one day she woke up from nap and started walking and never looked back. 

It amazes me how she could just turn the corner during nap time. Before nap time, I was forcing her to take 2 steps; after nap time, she stood up on her own and took off around the house. Mind Blown!!!

So, now at 14 months, we have a full blown walker and she could not be happier. She refuses to sit down to eat. She will take her food in both her hands (like the shoes in the video above) and just walk around the house with a huge grin on her face. 

H is excited too. He wants to play with her more. Just this morning I was drinking my coffee and reading when I overheard him say "come on, lets go play in my room" and they both got up and walked away.  Just warmed my little heart. 

So, that is HUGE for us and we could not be more excited about the journey we have really embarked on now that we have 2 full fledged walkers (well 5 if you count JJ, me & the dog).

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