Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heart Attack Noles

Oh Man! What a game. I bleed Garnet & Gold and am normally very optimistic but that game had me more nervous that my wedding day (and I had to medicate myself to get down the aisle) and gave me about 50 new gray hairs. 

Yesterday started out warm and got colder as the day went on. JJ had a fire in our fireplace and I was bundled up on the couch under my FSU blanket by 1 pm. 

The kids were on fire all day long. H was so excited and ran around the house yelling "Go Seminoles!" even though he wasn't going to be awake for any of the game. 

We realized yesterday, thanks to the cold weather, that our kids were really lacking in the late winter FSU apparel department. Well, H is just lacking in the FSU apparel department period. A has a new FSU shirts and onsies but poor H only has 1 FSU shirt that gets worn A LOT during football season. We plan to remedy this during the off season so that our kids are overly prepared for football season next year. 

Doesn't little A look so good in a hat? We are going to have to start buying her more hats!

The first half was killer. We looked awful and just could not get in a rhythm to save our lives. We made costly mistakes and our touted secondary was leaving Auburn guys open all night long. We were lucky we weren't down by more than 18.  My blood pressure was up so high that I visibly had more color in my face. I wish I had snapped a picture because I actually looked really good. A nice flush in the checks. This is something that I have yet to master and recreate with makeup.

I applaud Jimbo for calling the  fake punt. Momentum was not swinging our way and our guys needed to get hyped. I really think that was THE turning point of the game. If we had punted and given Auburn the ball, we probably would have gone into the half down 28-3. That is a tough deficit to overcome. 

The second half was MUCH more enjoyable to watch (in fact, I have already watched the second half twice more this morning).  Offense made some adjustments and were actually able to move the ball which gave the defense a much needed rest. 

The last 4:42 of the game really almost gave me a heart attack.  Having 3 lead changes and 24 points scored in the last 5 minutes of the game is crazy. I didn't think we would pull it out. I had lost faith but I am sure glad that our boys didn't. They fought hard and overcame the biggest deficit in BCS history to win the game. 

I will say that I disagree with the defensive MVP of the game. PJ William played great and the interception was exactly what we needed when we needed it but I think Timmy Jernigan played his heart out and single handedly kept Auburn from running up the middle on us. The poor guy was playing with the flu, that's right, the flu and had a crazy impact on our D.

Ok. Before I end this post I am going to go on a slight rant. I have been so annoyed this week (well the past month) listening to people talk about how great the SEC is.  There are good teams in the SEC but there are some bad ones. HELLO... UF went 4-8 with a losing season for the first time since like '79. Yes, in the best the SEC has had the best team in the nation but this was a new season with completely different teams. The SEC is top heavy. They have some great teams at the top and then it falls off.  So, I am annoyed by all this SEC hoopla and then today I turned on the TV and "The Herd" was on ESPN. I listened for maybe 3 minutes and this guy was completely trashing FSU. He said that this game didn't show that the SEC sucked (Which I have yet to actually hear someone say) but that the ACC was just this awful.  That FSU didn't deserve to be in the game because if they had been in the SEC they would have had a losing record. Excuse me?!?!?! The ACC might not be the best conference (no one is claiming they are), but we killed everyone in the ACC. We deserved to be in that game and proved it. It wasn't pretty and we could have played better but I have to say: Auburn played a great game. They made very few mistakes. FSU looked awful in the first half. In my opinion we didn't even step on the field to play until the second half. All that being said, Auburn played great and we played not great and we won the game. Imagine what the game would have looked like if Winston and the receivers had been playing lights out the whole game. Suck on that SEC. I just want people to stop saying that we would do nothing against the SEC and that we suck. If we suck, then the SEC sucks because we just beat the SEC champs. Team of Destiny? Team of Destiny to Dominate! Ok. End rant!

I am proud of our boys. FSU won the first BCS National Championship and the last. That is pretty cool to be able to say.  I am proud of our boys and proud to be a 3rd generation FSU graduate.  GOOOO NOLES!!!!

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