Monday, January 6, 2014

BCS national championship

Today is the day! The National Championship game is tonight at 8:30. The Keitzer household is so excited that JJ took today and tomorrow off work. 

We plan on tailgating in our backyard (don't judge) with our awesome (and homemade) cornhole boards and some friends who, although are not FSU fans, have come over to support us and talk us down from a ledge should it be needed. 



Aren't those the classiest and most beautiful boards you have ever seen.

It has been a roller-coaster these last 4 months as a Florida State Seminole fan. It was always fun to watch the games but the drama off the field did not feel good. 

I will be glad once the game starts. I always feel anxious leading up to the game. Heck, I can feel my pulse start to race right now just thinking about the game. 

So, hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling like this:

But it am very aware that I will probably feel like this:
To me, FSU is like Da'Bears. They just continue to break your heart at the worst possible times. 

Anyway, enough pictures of Florida State. If you need me to night. I will be pacing the living room or backyard with a Vodka & Tonic in my hand and trying no to wake the kids!

GO NOLES!!!!!!

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