Monday, January 27, 2014

This Killed Me

I was doing laundry the other day. A completely normal task. A task I take for granted that I get to do with relative ease. I normally don't really pay much attention to anything else while doing laundry. I wish I hadn't been paying attention on this day. 

I walked into H's room and just stopped in my tracks. This is what I saw:

A very messy boys room that had been cleaned but one thing was forgotten, Blue Bear. That killed me. It killed me to see Blue Bear forgotten. Really, tossed aside and then forgotten. 

You see, Blue Bear has been a constant companion of H's since he was able to move. Blue Bear would sleep with him, come in the car with him and play everything with him. I was so used to seeing Blue Bear everywhere that H went. But, it seems, not anymore. 

This is telling me that H is growing up. He isn't relying on stuff like Blue Bear for comfort anymore. He is moving around so much and too fast to worry about bringing a bear along and I know that soon he won't be worrying about bringing me along to things anymore either. 

My little boy is growing up. Next Tuesday he will be 3 years old. He can count to 16 and has recently started calling us Mom & Dad, not Mama & Daddy. Blue Bear was just the first of many clues telling me that he is slowly pulling away and is definitely not a baby anymore.

Haven help us. If I am freaking out over him not using Blue Bear anymore, imagine what I am going to be like when he learns to drive or goes off to college. 

Oh, well. Fare you well Blue Bear. You were a great companion and I hope you enjoy the keepsake box I put you in. I know that when H has kids they will love you like he did. 

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