Thursday, January 2, 2014

Halloween 2013

This is the first Halloween that we have participated in.  Our first family Halloween, in 2011, H was 9 months old and we kinda thought it was stupid to pay for a costume just for pictures and candy that we are going to eat. Our second family Halloween, in 2012, A was 8 days old. To say that we were not in the mood to go out is an extreme understatement. H wasn't in school or around kids so he didn't really know about Halloween so we didn't feel like he was missing out on anything by not participating. 

This year, with H in preschool, we knew that it would be talked about and that he needed to at least experience it. So, I got 2 inexpensive costumes from Old Navy; A monster and an owl. 

A few days before Halloween, we got a pumpkin to carve. Neither JJ nor I really enjoy carving pumpkins but I knew that H would like it and I really wanted to roast some pumpkin seeds. 

H had a great time helping JJ with the pumpkin but by the day after Hallowen that bad boy was rotting. Stupid Jacksonville and being warm in October. I think next year we are going to let the kids paint them and I will just buy pumpkin seeds. 

We were going to go over to Casey & Sarahs to hang out and let the kids play but Audrey was sick so back up plan was Mom & Dad. We hung out with them and let H ring the door bell and say "Trick or Treat" for the first time. 

He loved it! H was all about Halloween until he realized that he had to wear the costume. It took me telling him that we would have to go home and he wouldn't get any candy for him to decide to put it on.  But, boy howdy, are those kids cute.  

Since H & A go to bed so early, we were only able to go to a few houses but H was so polite. Kinda blew my mind. Without any prompting, he would say "Trick or Treat, please!" and after he got the candy he would very kindly say "Thank you. Good Night" and walk away.  It worked out really well that we only went to a few houses because H still got enough candy to last him the few days until he forgot all about Halloween and candy. I actually had to throw some away. And by throw some away, I mean eat it :)

(Please take note of the pink Halloween bucket. H was able to pick between orange, blue, green and pink. He choose the pink one and I absolutely love it!)

A was extremely unimpressed by the whole thing and just wanted to take the stupid costume off and go to bed. 

I think that our first Halloween was a huge success and can't wait to go next year when both H & A can actively participate and enjoy it. 

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