Thursday, January 16, 2014

H as a big brother

H is really coming into his own as a big brother. He is starting a care about A as well as tell on her more. 

It cracks me up how much he loves to tell on her but he also loves to play with her and show her how to do things. 

The other day A had pulled out part of H's measuring tape and was really frustrated that she could not get it to go back in. I asked H to show A how to use his measuring tape. He walked over to her, picked up the measuring tape and said "You put your thumb here and help is slowly slide in with your other hand" while demonstrating what to do. 

This is the first time that I have asked him to show A how to do something. The fact that he did it without complaining and was so kind about it really amazed me. For the first year of her life, H wasn't too excited about now so to now witness him treating her like a person and being nice to her really made me happy. 

I am incredibly grateful that I am able to watch my kids grow up and become friends right now. 

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