Saturday, August 23, 2014

Big Girl Bed

A is 22 months old and we transferred her to her big girl bed. Well, I should say that we have decided to start the transition. This is earlier than H was moved to his big boy bed but he was in his transition bed way before this. If anyone was ready for a big girl bed, it was Anns. She would climb up into H's bed and tuck herself in and pretend to sleep. 

JJ, being the very protective father that he is, thought that the fall from the full size bed would be too much for her. So, he came up with a good solution. We have blown up our queen sized blowup mattress so she can get used to not having the rails from the crib; if she does fall it won't be so far.

I don't particularly like the way that her room looks right now. I hate that there is no headboard but I know that this is only temporary. I am giving her 2 weeks in this bed and then she will get her the headboard into place.  I know it shouldn't bother me since this temporary but I just don't like how unfinished her room looks. It will be much better once we get everything in place.

When we first got her bed into place she immediately climbed up and tucked herself in. She loved it from the second that we set it up. 

I wasn't so much worried about her sleep as I was about her loving the bed too much to sleep. I should have known that both JJ & I had nothing to fear. She won't leave her bed until one of us comes to get her. She will lay in bed and read a book or just sing to herself until she falls asleep. Even when she wakes up, she lays quietly and will call out every once in a while until we come to get her. 

Her first night in the bed

She did fall out of bed her first night but it was only once. She somehow rolled off the bed and got her head stuck between her bookshelf and the bed. She was really good about it though. As soon as I got her back into bed, she told me nite-nite and went right back to sleep. 

Both H & A are loving the big girl bed. We will have snack picnics on her bed and just lay around.  We read books in her bed, have parties in her bed and take turns pretending to be asleep. It has really been fun for us to all get to hang out on her bed. 

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