Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Loves

Ok. 2/3 of my love. No wait... only 1/2 of my loves because I am definitely going to count Darby. 

These kids, they are growing up WAY too fast. 

H has become tall, lanky, and every once in a while displays some teenage behavior that I am just NOT ready for.  I will catch him out of the corner of my eye and think "that is not my baby. that is not my little boy. when did he start to look like a big kid?." If you ask him, everything is in 2's. He slept for 2 days, Christmas is in 2 weeks, and he grew up in 2 days.

He has only been in school 3 days so far but I can already see a difference in his play and what he does. He is more apt to sing along to a show or when music is on.  He is also nicer to A. He tells her that he missed her and helps her take her shoes off and climb up & down. He is a much happier boy during the school year than during the summer. 

He loves all things sporty, tractors and firemen. He is going to be a fireman for Halloween and we are all excited about this. He is going to rock it and will actually want to wear his costume. We are going to start him in sports in the next year. Just have to figure out which sport it will be; baseball or soccer. 

I am struggling with him though. He whines and cries at the drop of a hat. He hates to clean up but LOVES to make a mess. He is, in a word or 2, a young kid. He is really a great kid and our issues are my patience. I worry that I am not showing him love in the way he needs it.  I am going to get the 5 Love Languages book for Kids to help me. My biggest fear is that he will grow up thinking I love A more than him because her & my love languages are similar so it is easier for her to feel my love. So, I am working on loving him as he should be.

A, what a stinker. She will be 2 in a few short months and is a lover of life. She wakes up every morning happy to see the day. Usually, the first thing she will say is "See-ral!!!" She loves to eat cereal for breakfast and always stops by our room to say good morning to daddy before she makes her way to breakfast.  She continues to work her magic in making both JJ & I feel like her favorite. I envy her ability to make everyone feel important and loved to her. 

We are working on her coordination. She still has a hitch in her right leg when she runs but I have noticed that she is starting to run faster. I think all those races with H down that hall are starting to pay off. This girl loves to run, though. She would run all day of she could. 

She is becoming quite a verbal little girl.  She can express herself very well and even said a 6 word sentence the other day. It didn't make the most sense (something about monsters) but she put 6 words together and was able to convey what she wanted to say in a round-about way. 

She still has a love to Elsha (Elsa) and all things Frozen. If she is upset or doesn't want to do anything, just sing "Let It Go" and all is right with the world again.  She loves to dance. She has learned to speed up or slow down her dancing to the beat of the music. I am seriously starting to think about enrolling her in dance next spring to encourage this love. 

A loves H; thinks he hung the moon.  Anything that H does, she has to do right along with him. H has learned to use this to his advantage (as any kid would) but A does not seem to mind taking the fall for his ideas. As long as H wants to play with her, she is a happy girl.  They play very well together and really enjoy each others company most of the time. 

These kids of mine, I think they are pretty great. I am not always the perfect mother but I love them to the moon and back. I think that JJ & I are doing a great job with them. I hope that we continue to help them grow into the amazing people that they will become. 

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