Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meals for this week

This past week was a busy one and we are always trying to save on groceries.

Kerri's Tuna Pasta Salad via

I made the above Tuna Pasta Salad as my lunch for the week. It was really good and I enjoyed the warm aspect of it but towards the end of the week it got very "tuna-y". 

I made baked chicken parm  which is always a winner and delicious. I made it over vegetable noodles this time for some added veggies and you really couldn't tell the difference. 

These were delicious and very good over arugula for JJ & I. It added a nice crispness to the meal and the contrast between the hot meatballs and the cold arugula was very nice. 


These were ok. It was very easy to put together and H loved the shell pasta but I wasn't that crazy about it. It was so easy that I know I will make it again. 

I also made a creamy chicken & mushroom pasta from the Food Network Magazine September insert (I have saved the insert). I will try to take a picture next time so that I remember what it looks like. I made the chicken cajun and was very good. 

Lastly we made pizza bagels. These were normal easy to make but the kids loved them. 

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  1. Do you have a mandoline for slicing the vegetables into noodles?


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