Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Day of School (3 yrs)

This looks very similar from the picture last year but he is so much taller. 

H has started back to school!!!  Summer was great but no matter how much I tried to do with him, he was plain bored.  He needed school to start just as much as I did. 

He was ecstatic to go to school. Most kids will cry & cling to their parent but not H. He walked away from me and went straight into his new room and never looked back. School is one of his happy places and it really shows. He has a new teacher, Mrs. Nicole. She is a new teacher at the school but was an assistant last year. Nicole is great and has been planning all sorts of activities for the last year. She is very enthusiastic and seems to be very loving.  I think that she will be an excellent teacher for H. 

H has some friends from last year in his class but also some new kids to meet which seems to make him happy. He was not at all sad that Trace and Owen were in a different class. 

Here are some of his favorites right now:
Food: Pizza & sandwiches
Movie/Show: Rescue Bots & Charlie Brown Halloween.
Toy: Anything that he can make into a firetruck or fire hose

This kid is all boy and has boundless energy.  

As we were getting in the car to head to school he turned to A and said "I will miss you Anns. Will you miss me?"  It was so cute and really showed what a loving kid he truly is. He has his moments where he is not nice and a stinker but deep down he loves his family and really enjoys being around him. 

It is going to be an adjustment to A & I with him gone during the day. Last year A still took a nap while he was at school so there wasn't much time for us to do anything. This year she doesn't nap and is used to H telling her what they are going to play. I think  it will be great but definitely an adjustment. 

I love H and his enthusiasm for school and all that it entails. This is going to be a great school year for him. We can not wait to see how much he grows and learns this year!

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