Thursday, May 30, 2013

A is {Finally} holding her bottle!!

I have been working with A for about the last month to get her to start holding her own bottle. She has to start growing up and since she refuses to even work on crawling, we are working on all sorts of feeding. 

She pretty much has eating baby food down. You should see that girl go after a spoon or her Baby Mmm-Mmms. There is nothing she won't eat right now.  She is going through about a jar of baby food a day. 

So, onto the bottle. Her primary form of nourishment is still milk and since H is an active 2 year old, I can't always hold the bottle for her. I was using a blanket to hold the bottle up for her but last month decided to start the transition. I would lay her down and sit next to her and force her hands around the bottle.  

I forgot that babies don't have the muscles to just automatically hold a bottle. I forgot that her arms would get tired and she would have to build up stamina. So, I would slowly increase the amount of time that I held her hands on her bottle.  After increasing it to what I thought was a sufficient amount of it, I slowly took away the blanket that was supporting the bottle. 

Today was the first time that I let her try to hold the bottle the whole time without a blanket and what a success it was! I am so proud of her that she has finally mastered it.  She is also very proud of herself.

of course the moment I try to get her smile on camera she stops smiling.

Next on our list is to eat sitting up and then, whether she is happy about it or not, we are working on crawling.  She is ready to crawl she just hasn't realized it yet. 

Hope you have a great Thursday.

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