Thursday, May 23, 2013

H loves to sing

I am not a musical person. I can not play an instrument and can't sing to save my life. I don't listen to a whole bunch of music. I would prefer to have a TV show on in the background than music. JJ, on the other hand, is a fantastic guitar player and loves to listen to music instead of watching TV. 

So, somewhere along the way, H has developed a love of singing and playing guitars. We have left some Wii Rock Band guitars in his room and he drags them around the house asking people to "play" them. Recently, he has started asking JJ to get out his guitar and play with him. That is something that warms my little heart to see; father and son sitting around a guitar and JJ trying to teach H how to strum gently. 

Along with his love of music has come his love of singing. He doesn't sing actual songs but he walks around the house and says "Singing, singing"  in a sing-song voice. It is so sweet and so cute. He is very shy about it and doesn't really do it in front of other people so I had to stealthy get a video of it. 

Please excuse my voice and A inserting her own voice into the video. 

I hope this makes you smile as much as it makes me!


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