Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's the little things

Being the mother of a 2 year old really just confirms that it is the little things that make a person happy. One of H's favorite things to do during the day (other than going on walks) is for me to lay in his bed and play pretend to nap while he plays around me. I do not know what it is about this activity that he enjoys but it just lights up his world.

He is learning to throw in specific directions and throwing "up" is one of his favorites because he never knows where it is going to land. 

This particular day, he spent about 30 minutes just throwing around his "Bear" and "Tiger". (Yes, we are VERY creative when naming our stuffed animals.) He would throw up Tiger and just laugh & laugh when he fell. 

I mean, just look at that face. It always brings a smile to my face when I am able to watch my children experience joy in something that I have grown too used to seeing. I think that is one reason why I wanted to become a mom. There are many reason, but to experience life and all that it brings through a child's eyes is something I think everyone should witness. 

I know that he won't always want me around or to just lay in his bed and watch him play. I try to remind myself of this whenever he wants me to do something simple that I am just not in the mood for. 

I will leave you with these images because they are some of my favorites and just brings a smile to my face. 
I love his face in this first one. He is working so hard to get Tiger up high.

The look on his face! He is so upset that Tiger actually hit him in the head.

Have a great day!

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