Thursday, May 16, 2013


I had the pleasure of taking the kids to see my paternal grandmother, Henny. More on that later.

Henny at our wedding
She was born Mary Elizabeth McIntosh in Alabama in 1925 but became known as Henny some time after 1982. She wanted her Grandmother name to be "Grandma Hen" but my sister couldn't say Grandma Hen so she became "Henny". I feel that Henny is the PERFECT name for her. She creates a loving environment for all who come into her life and really is a mother hen.  

Henny & Gramps (my Grandfather who passed away in 2005) lived in Tallahassee. Henny still lives there in this amazing retirement community (more on that later). I saw Henny & Gramps a lot growing up (especially in the fall) when we would go over for Florida State Football games. Visiting Henny is and was always and adventure. Her house always seemed like a mansion to me (huge, mysterious and full of secrets). I was always sure that I would find a secret passageway some day. I never did.

Henny is an amazing woman. She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma at Florida State University. It actually didn't become known as Florida State University until her Senior year when the name was changed from Florida State College for Women to Florida State University to reflect the change of allowing admitting me to the University. She actually has both college names on her diploma. She worked in Social Services for a long time even after she was married. She met Gramps at a wedding and didn't get married until she was 25 years old. They didn't have their first son (my Dad, Craig) until she was 30. By today's standards, that is completely normal, but back then, it was not. 

After she had both of her sons and they were in school, she choose to go back to school and become a nurse. She worked as a nurse until she retired. It amazes me that she had the strength to not only take care of her family, but to be the oldest woman in her class and take on a new career. 

I know that Henny is not perfect but to me she is the epitome of classy and really what I hope to be as a grandmother. Henny is always loving, always put together and the consummate hostess. 

One of my favorite things about Henny is that if someone mentions once that they like something, she will have is made for them whenever they show up. Another things is cuddling with her. I am 30 and still cuddle with my grandmother when I am sad or need a hug. It was good that she lived in Tallahassee while i was in school at FSU because there were many times where I would come over and cuddle on her lap. 

Henny is a wealth of knowledge and remembers amazing details. Now that I am staying home with my kids, I plan to visit her more and use this blog to write down and keep track of her memories. 

I know that this is a jumbled mess but there is so much I could write about Henny.   I learned a lot about Henny on my trip to visit her so I know that I will be writing more later. 

Henny with H the day after he was born
Henny with A during Christmas

Have a great day!

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