Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Buffaloaded Burger = Deliciousness!!

If you lived in Jacksonville about 5 years ago, you probably ate at Times Grill before they turned all of them into Bubba Burgers.. BOO! Times Grill had this amazing burger call the Buffaloaded Burger. I was obsessed with it. JJ lived close to a Times Grill and we would go every Saturday for lunch to nurse our hangovers and have fun. It was a great atmosphere and good food so a win-win when you aren't feeling at your best. 

What makes this burger so amazing? Well, other than the fact that they use a delicious and secret (well, secret from me) hot sauce? Th Frizzled Spicy Onion Straws are AH-MAZING (said in the voice of Penny from "Happy Endings"). The onion straws add a nice crunch to the burger to top off the burger. 

I was devastated when the restaurant closed down. We were looking for something to make for dinner on Saturday night and I mentioned to JJ how much I was craving a Buffaloaded Burger. So, JJ suggested that we look online for the recipe.  I was incredibly excited and surprised when I found the recipe right away. Of course we had to try it out immediately. 

Please ignore the fact that the burger is not on a bun. I hate hamburger buns!
Serving Size: 1
8 oz. Ground Hamburger Meat (80/20 or similar)
1/4 cup Shredded Lettuce
1 Sliced Tomato
3 Pickle Chips
2 oz Provolone Cheese
1 oz Favorite Wing Sauce (we used Texas Pete)
2 oz Favorite Hot Sauce (We used Texas Pete)
1 5" Hamburger Bun
1/4 cup thinly Sliced Onion Rings to taste
Creole Seasoning

Frizzled Spicy Onion Rings:
1. Marinate thinly sliced onion rings in your favorite hot sauce for 4 hours
2. Drain and dredge onion rings through corn flour-making. Make sure the onions are coated completely so they are not sticking together
3. Lower onions slowly into deep fryer
4. Fry to onions to light golden brown and crispy.
5. Set aside for later.

Buffaloaded Burger:
1. Before grilling, season both sides of the hamburger with Creole seasoning. 
2. Clean and lightly oil the grill before cooking. 
3. Form hamburger patties to 5" across. 
4. Heat grill to minimum 400 degree temperature. 
5. Grill burger to desired temperature.
6. Add wing sauce to hamburger and cover with provolone cheese. Melt on grill. 
7. Toast split bun in toaster or on the grill. 
8. Place the hamburger on the bottom bun and top with Frizzled Spicy Onion Rings. 
9. Dress the top bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and desired condiments. 
10. Serve with a slide of your choice. 

We paired our burger with Mac n' cheese and an Intuition Peoples Pale Ale. Intuition is a local brewery to Jacksonville and has delicious beers. 

I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!


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