Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The days are long but years are fast.

CRAZY! A is 7 months old today! Everyone says that time goes by faster once you have another child and that could not be more true. I remember feeling like H was 6 months old and a baby forever and with A, I can feel her growing up every day. 

She is such a happy baby. She smiles and things that H hung the moon. I know that won't last forever but it warms my heart every time I see her light up when he comes near her. 

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz
Sleep: Not great. A wake up every 4 hours (so only twice a night) which the sleep book says is ok. I wish she slept more but the book says she should wake up 4-6 hours after last feeding. 
Talking: No but she likes the test her voice and is very vocal when  she is not happy about something
Teeth: She got her first tooth today! It is on the bottom and I can't stop shoving my finger into her mouth to feel it. 
Eating: she is starting to eat like a champ. She likes sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and mixed fruits. She can eat about half a jar at a sitting. 
Right or Left handed: Nothing definite yet but she does tend to favor her right hand but has started to use her left more. 
Eye Color: Still blue. We are unsure if they are going to stay blue. They are kinda starting to look around the iris so it is anyone's guess at this point. 
Crawling: Not even close. She can sit up on her own like a champ and loves to stand up with support. She shows absolutely no interest in learning to crawl. That frustrates me but I keep telling myself not to push it because as soon as she starts crawling, there is no turning back. 
Nicknames: A Cakes, Baby (thanks to H), and Anns BaDans (thanks to my neice C)

Loves: She loves anything that lets her jump. 

Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo

Graco Doorway Jump N Jive

She could sit in those for hours!
What makes her laugh: She LOVES to be tickled and turned upside down. Funny faces and noises also do the trick. 

She is a total mommy's girl but is finally starting to love on JJ as well. She just lights up my day. With a face & a smile like those below, how could she not!

It is just blowing my mind that in 5 months she will be a year old. 

Hope your day is full of joy and laughter!

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