Tuesday, August 13, 2013

40 Days of Dating

I am back from the edge. With Death in my last title I am sure you guys were thinking that things were about to get real over here. But they aren't. 

So, to lighten things up, we are going to talk about 40 days of dating. 

No, I have not taken up dating. Although there are times where I miss the excitement of a first kiss or knowing where something is going to lead, I love my husband and wish to stay married with him. 

stumbled upon this website one afternoon during the kids quiet time. Quiet time is my time to sweep and clean the floors and then kick my feet up, eat some bonbons and watch trashy TV while catching up on the blogs. 

So I was stumbling along Stumble Upon the other day and ran into the website 40 Days of Dating. It is about 2 friends (a guy & a girl) who decided to do an experiment and date each other for 40 days. They have specific questions that they answer at the end of each day and I find it fascinating to see both sides of the story.  You see the insecurities, the neediness and the aloofness of both parties. 


I think one reason I am enjoying this so much is because I identify with Jessica. I think that I was probably a lot like her when I was dating so it is very interesting for me to read Tim's side of the dating process. She over analyzes things and really puts too much importance into the smallest things.  I do that now!

They have gone through some ups and downs (I won't spoil it for you) but are still doing the project. They are on day 32 so there are only a couple of days left but you are able to click back and read everything. 

I am very intrigued to see how things work out. I know that some people think that they will end up together (yes, I did some extra research about this and read some other peoples thoughts on it... it is really  interesting). I don't think that they will end up together. This isn't a movie so I don't think that everything will tie up nicely at the end of 40 days. 

Go ahead and read it all here. I dare you not to get addicted!

Have you heard about this? What are your thoughts on it?


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