Thursday, August 29, 2013

College Football season officially starts today!!!

Actually, it starts today!!! We will pause while you try to contain your excitement like me....

This is my favorite day of the year!  College football is something I wait for with bated breath since the last season ended. 

Now, I will admit that I am also a girl who can't wait for season to end.  About half way through the season, my beloved Seminoles will break my heart. They will lose a game they had in their hands, they will make some awful play calls, or they just won't play up to their potential. At this point, I will be tired of my whole weekend revolving around what game came on when. I will be tired of not being able to talk about anything else.

But, until that time comes, I am jumping out of my skin waiting for 6 pm when UNC takes on South Carolina. 

Here are 5 reasons that I love College Football Season.
1. The Enthusiasm:
These boys don't (technically) play for money. They play for love of the game and put their heart and soul into these games. They get so excited when they make a big play.

2. The Colors.
Ok, so clearly I am a little partial to my Garnet & Gold but there are other great team colors. I love Carolina Blue or Michigans Blue & Maize. I am such a college football fan, that I pretty much associate colors with teams and colleges. 

3. The Boys
Oh, the boys. I know that they are about 10 years younger than me by now but man, there are some attractive boys that make watching the game a little more enjoyable. 

4. The tailgates 
I don't even think I need to explain the fun of drinking and eating with 50,000 of your closest friends right before your team plays. 

5. Sheer pleasure I get from watching.
I love watching the hard hits. It goes against everything I feel as a mother, but man, I love to watch a guy lay another guy out. I know kinda understand the attraction of the gladiators in Rome. 

I love watching a good play over and over again. No matter the team, it amazes me the things these young guys can do. They are very athletically talented. 

Also, I really watching the underdog win. To feel their amazement and joy at what they just pulled off and to watch them celebrate as a team is great!

No matter what team you are routing for this season, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

What team are you routing for or excited to see play?

Happy College Football season!


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