Wednesday, August 21, 2013

H First Day of Preschool

Oh man, Oh man. My first born has started Preschool and could not be more excited about it. 

We went yesterday to meet his teacher. All morning long H kept asking "Meet teacher? Meet teacher?" As soon as we walked into the classroom, H just left my side and I didn't see him again until it was time to leave an hour later. 

H goes to the 2 year old class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are 18 kids in the class. 13 boys and 5 girls. I pray for the teacher and the 2 aids. That class is going to be crazy. 

H already knows a few of the kids from Sunday School but didn't seem to really recognize them in the new setting.  He didn't care. He was having a ball. 

Today was his first day of school. I don't know who was more excited, me or H!

Clearly, H dressed himself. I was going to switch his shirt around but I loved that his collar was popped and the shirt was on backwards. I knew that JJ & I would treasure this picture of the real H at this moment than the one that I put together. 

I only stayed in the room for 15 minutes to socialize with the other parents and make sure that he remembered where the bathroom was. H was too cool for me. He immediately put a baby in a shopping cart (I am assuming like I do with A) and went about his business. 

After he had the shopping cart and baby in order he went and sat down to "breakfast" with some new friends.  I love the freedom that kids have. There didn't seem to be any worries of whether someone would like them. All 4 of these kids just plopped themselves down at the table and pretended to eat together. 

As soon as I saw this, I knew that he was OK and A & I left to start our own adventure. 

So far it has been a quiet morning. A keeps crawling around the living room playing with whatever toy she wanted and laughing. I think that she was really enjoying being an only child for a few hours. I know that once this gets more routine she will miss him more but right now she is loving not having her toys taken away from her and I am enjoying a few minutes of quiet. 

As much as A and I are enjoying ourselves, I will admit that I can't wait to pick up my little man and hear about all his day had to offer for him. 

We have entered a new era and I think we are all going to enjoy it!

I hope that your Wednesday is as good as mine (and H's)!


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