Monday, August 5, 2013

A is 9 months old

Oh, Dear! My baby (my last biological child) is 9 months old! That means that I have to start thinking about her first birthday. But before we start planning the future, lets take a moment to look at her pretty hair (that has some major red highlights in the sun), her blue eyes and her gap toothed smile. All of these melt my heart and she knows it. 

We had a rough month. She has completed cutting all her teeth but man it made her very unhappy. We had glimpses of what she is going to be like as a teenager and I am not looking forward to that. She squeals/yells at us when we leave the room and she doesn't want to be left alone. It is actually ear-piercing.  

Look at that face. Does it say "get the camera away from me" or what!

She has really started to assert herself. H has spent the last 9 months taking toys away from her so now that she is mobile, she goes after all his stuff. She is pretty smart about it. She waits until he is distracted by something else and then makes a beeline for a toy he just finished playing with.  It annoys the poop out of H but there isn't really anything that he can do about it. 

Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz (24%). She is a skinny minnie but I think that is because she is scooting around so much! 
Height: 29 inches (90%). She is so tall that she is in 12 month sleepers because her toes poked holes in her 6 & 9 month sleepers. 
Sleep: She is finally sleeping through the night and has been for about 2 weeks. It got to the point where she would only wake up once a night and eat 2-3 ounces which means that she wasn't hungry. We decided to make her cry it out. She was clearly ready to sleep through the night because she only cried 1 night and has slept through the night since. 
Talking: She is making a lot of consonance. A lot of "Bababa", "Dadada", "Mamamama". She also yelled "GoGo" at me while I was running the other day. I appreciate that she is learning new stuff but I don't like my 9 month old scolding me because I am not running fast enough. 
Teeth: She has 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. She has a wonderful gap between between her two front teeth that we are hoping fills in as more teeth come in. 
Eating: She stopped eating baby food for a while but are back. She drinks about 3- 8 ounce bottles a day and then has 3 jars of baby food and some finger food for snacks. Banana is her favorite.   
Right or Left handed: Nothing definite yet but I am pretty sure that she will be a right handed person. She rarely uses her left hand. 
Eye Color: Still blue. I think that they are going to stay blue which makes JJ & I happy because we want someone in the family to have an eye color other than brown or hazel. 

Crawling: She is army crawling like there is no tomorrow. She speeds around the house all day. She does not let anything stop her. She has started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking so we feel like actual crawling will come soon. 
Nicknames: A Cakes, Baby (thanks to H), and Anns BaDans (thanks to my neice C) and now Strahan Jr because of the Strahan like gap between her front teeth

Bestfriends: She idolizes H. If he thinks that something is funny she is laughing right along with him.  Darby (our dog) is also her favorite. Oh man, if Darby comes anywhere near her, she gets the biggest smile and laughs. 
Darby & H are definitely going to be the first things that she really crawls or walks to.

Personality: She is becoming such a ham. If she wants attention she will suddenly start talking and smiling. Everyone comes running when she does that. She has also started to pose for the camera. 
- Take a look at the next picture. The first one shows A as I started to take pictures and then the next one is when it starts to dawn on her that the camera is out and the last is when it fully clicks that I am taking pictures. 
- That girl can turn it on when she wants to!

She kills me!
I put her hair in a ponytail for the first time and it was fantastic. Not as great as the pigtails but super cute.

So, that is my little girl at 9 months! I can't wait to see what she has grown into at a year old!


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