Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School: The Aftermath

Ok. So the Aftermath sounded a little extreme. 

H had a fantastic first day at school! I knew he would be OK since he would be going to my Moms preschool so if he got too upset, she would be there to make sure that he was OK and comforted. 

I didn't realize how much I would miss him. We had orientation after dropping him off so I only had about an hour and a half to kill between the end of orientation and when I had to pick him up.  A and I just came home and kinda walked around in a daze. Pick up time is noon for the 2 year old program.  I was so excited to see H and hear about his day that I left the house at 11:30 and was one of the first 10 cars. I was so giddy to see him and hear all that happened to him in the 3 hours since I had left him. 

As soon as I saw his smiling face I knew it was going to be a good year. They put him in the car in the pick up circle and then we go back to buckle the kids in. I am a little proud of this but the first thing that H said was "buckle. buckle. buckle!" He was so freaked out that he was not buckled in. It was really kinda cute. 

On the way home when I asked about his day, he let me know that he played on the playground with a dump truck but one of the wheels was broken. I told him that I would mention it to NiNi and maybe she could fix it. He just shook his head and said "No. Broken."

The 2 year old program also eat lunch at 11 so that when you pick them up they aren't cranky. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I had packed H's lunch for the first time on Tuesday night. So, one of the first things I asked is if he enjoyed eating his lunch out of a lunchbox. He let me know that he had to eat his grapes with his hands. Evidently this really offended him because he next proclaimed "pack fork!" So, I am to pack forks for his grapes.... talk about high maintenance. 

He also learned that you do not play on the elevated, stage area. One boy went up there and H just could not understand why he would do that when they told the kids not to. 

As soon as we got home, he crashed and slept for 2 hours. He woke up and was still tired. All he wanted to do was lay on the floor and watch Toy Story. I try not to let him watch too much TV but I knew how stimulating this morning was for him so I figured resting was a good thing. 

I am very excited for what the year has to bring for my little man. I am excited to see the friends he makes. I am excited to show him how wonderful his art creations are and I am excited to see how he grows. Clearly, I am on cloud 9 right now with how the day went. No one cried and everyone had fun. Win-Win.

His backpack is almost as big as he is but he loves it!!
OK. Gushing done. Did your kids start school? Did they have a great day?  

I am off to have a girls night. Margaritas and Mexican food to celebrate my first back to school as a stay at home mom! I hope your Thursday is as good as my Wednesday!


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