Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's {almost} Fall Y'all!!!!

Ok. So, it really isn't almost fall in Florida. It is hot as Hades (93 degrees in the morning) but a girl can dream. 

I do stand in the shade and think "you can almost smell fall in the air". JJ thinks that I am crazy and has asked once or twice how much I have had to drink.  But, I swear, at certain times of the day, if the breeze is blowing and you stand in the shade, you can tell that fall is coming. Some of our trees are already changing color and dropping their leaves! As soon as I see that I start to think that the weather is going to get cooler. 

Fall is the best season! Hands down, bar-none, cross my heart, fall would be crowned king if there was royalty in seasons. Fall means outdoor fires, chill in the air, and college football (14 days sucka!!!). 

Nothing warms my heart than college football. FSU football to be more specific but I will watch almost any game. One of JJ & my first days (during round 2) was to an FSU game so we love watching football together. H has started saying "Go Noles" to everything! He wants to cheers with his milk and when you do he says "Go Noles!". Warms my little heat when he does that. 

Now, along with football season comes boiled peanuts and seasonal beer. Sam Adams Octoberfest is by far my favorite seasonal beer. I am clearly not alone because as soon as Publix gets it in, it sells out.  They put it on the shelves on Monday morning and by Wednesday morning (when I went to get it) there was only 1 case left. You had better believe that I snatched that right up. 

Another good thing about fall? Clothes just make everyone look better. A cute sweater and a pair of jeans with boots? I will take that over shorts and a tank top any day. 

So, what are you looking forward to about fall?


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  1. Everything!!! I LOVE Fall! The weather here in Indiana has only left me really wishing it would hurry! :)


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