Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creating your own Monogrammed wallpaper for your Iphone

I could not sleep on Saturday night so I was up perusing the web et al and came across something which has completely occupied my time and made me feel just a little preppier for the coming summer. I discovered an app, 3initials, which allows you to create a monogrammed wallpaper for your iphone or ipad.

To say that I am obsessed might be an understatement.  Whenever I have some downtime I am making wallpapers for myself and my friends. My friends don't even know that I am doing this for them. I just shoot them an e-mail at about 4 am with a glorious wallpaper that I am sure they will absolutely love and immediately make it their wallpaper on their phone. 

You can them choose your background pattern. There are about 6 ranging from stripes, checkerboard and also polka dots. One of the great things about this is that you can make them as small or as big as you would like the background to be.  After you choose your background and colors you then move on to sizing your initials  You can manipulate these as well. You can decrease their size and move them around the screen to place them where you want. 

There are 6 initial configurations to choose from as well as 19 fonts ranging from traditional to funky so you can mix it up depending on your mood. They offer about 50-75 different colors to choose from but, as you will see from the examples, I clearly have my favorites. 

Here are some examples of the wallpapers I made. Like I stated above, I clearly have some favorite colors and styles. 

The app is only $1.99 but well worth it because it saves the wallpaper as a picture so you can make as many as you want for yourself and your friends. All you have to do is e-mail it out. 

I hope that you enjoy this but don't waste as much time as I have!


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