Monday, June 10, 2013

Time with Mandy and AJ

My best friend Mandy came in town with her 4 month old daughter AJ today. They are actually staying in Amelia Island for a family vacation and made the trip to Jacksonville to see us while her husband spent the day on a motorcycle for his birthday.  Mandy and I have not seen each other in over a year. She was super pregnant when I had A so she wasn't able to come see me and then I had 2 young kids when she had AJ so I wasn't able to visit her. It was great to see her and have the kids meet. We are sure that A and AJ are going to be the best of friends. 

A was VERY curious about AJ and could not stop touching AJ in the face. 

AJ didn't really enjoy having her eyes poked or A fishhooking her very much but they soon reached an agreement and enjoyed each others company. 

We spent the day just hanging out and catching up. I really enjoyed seeing my best friend as a wonderful mother and see the love that she has for her little girl. 

AJ is such a precious little girl. She has so much personality (which is to be expected when her parents are Mike & Mandy).  She has these beautiful blue eyes that light up when she smiles and look at her lips!! They are such big and pouty lips. I will some day pay a lot of money to have these lips!

I can't wait to make a trip up to Atlanta to spend more time with them. I miss Mandy very much and am so glad we got to spend the day hanging out and enjoying each others children. 


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