Thursday, June 20, 2013

Potty Training {Part 2}

Day 2
We increased the time between me having him sit on the potty to 30 minutes. I was incredibly nervous about more than doubling the time between I reminded him to go potty but H was amazing. He has actually started coming to me and telling me that he has to tinkle and then says "own". He wants to go on his own and take care of everything.  He is such a big boy it blows my mind.

I didn't tell JJ that I was using the Publix cookies as a treat so while I was out having a girls night with my sister, he finished them off. I can't really leave the house and go grocery shopping right now so I had to improvise. We ended up having a boxed chocolate chip muffin thing in the pantry so I added a mashed banana to it and made mini banana chocolate chip muffins as treat. 

We played outside for a while but always made sure that the potty was close to us in case something happened. We finished the day with NO accidents!! I do have to say that H is still wearing a diaper at nap time and to sleep because I think it is just too much for him to take on all of it at once. This seems to be working for us. 

Here is a photo dump from Day 2:
our lego creation (a crane truck) from our potty time

Making the muffins first thing in the morning

A watching all the actions

Beautiful E playing with H

A's first pigtails

A hanging out while we play outside

H was making A laugh which made him feel like the coolest person ever

He wanted to play chase so bad. I couldn't deny him it.

Just love that handsome face
Day 3

This kid is killing it! We have increased our time to 1 hour between when I remind him and we have had no accidents. This is 2 days in a row. We decided to put underwear on him today to get him used to pulling them up and down and they have not caused any problems. Sometimes he needs help getting them up and down but other than that he loves it!  We bough Mickey Mouse and a blue variety pack of underwear from Target and he got to choose which underwear he got to wear.  He is loving his underwear!

Since the time was spaced out to an hour between "seatings", we decided to go to my Moms to play with C & E. We spent the day in the pool with H wearing a swimmy diaper (just to be on the safe side). He got really tired of me asking if he had to go potty but he did tell me when he had to go so we didn't have any accidents in the diaper at all. 

We finished Day 3 without any accidents. I am sure I am going to jinx it by saying that I think this kid has really gotten the hang of this whole potty thing. 


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