Thursday, June 13, 2013


So... now that H is talking more, he is coming up with some really good sayings. So good that I want to remember them and immortalize them so that H will get to experience them when he grows up.

I was working out the other day (which I do with H 5 days a week) and he looks at me and say "Daddy workout hard many times." I asked him if I worked out hard and he simply said "No." (Good to know he doesn't think that I work hard at all!)

I don't have a picture of my current self working out so here is a picture of me running with dad when I was 10. You are welcome.

H has developed a love of singing. All things musical really. I posted a video of him singing here. Not only does he like to sing, he likes to "play" the guitar, which he calls "Tard". His version of playing the guitar is to put the guitar on the ground and make noises like a guitar. He loves when JJ plays the guitar so his way of asking JJ to play the guitar is to point at JJ and say "Daddy Tard! Daddy Tard!" Cracks me up every time. 
(Full disclosure: JJ can actually play the guitar. H has gotten his version of playing a guitar from me because I have no musical ability at all.)
This pictures has nothing to do with what I am talking about... I just love it! 

When A was born, we used to talk about how it was time for her to get some sleep every time she started to rub her eyes. JJ & I would say "she must be tired. She is rubbing her eyes." Clearly we talked about it a lot because whenever H would rub his eyes he would say "Rubberize" (in an extremely whinny voice). He now uses "Rubberize" as an excuse. If he gets in trouble, he will start rubbing his eyes and say "rubberize" because he thinks it will get him out of trouble.

After spending a day with Henny, H came home saying "Oh Dear" like an 86 year old lady. Any time anything remotely silly or bad (really any time anything happens), H will look around and say "Oh Dear" and then laugh and say "Henny".  It cracks me.  He spends a little less than 24 hours with Henny and comes away talking like her. 

There are so many more hilarious things that he says but this is all that I can think of right now.  I will post more later as I think of them (and try to get some videos of them) because these are the things that I want to treasure!


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