Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Front Yard is complete!!!

I am going to claim that our front yard is complete but I am sure that we will be changing stuff as the years go by. 

We have grass in our front yard and, if I do say so myself, it looks good!!!!!

A hedge of boxwoods along both sides of the front, and a Ligustrum tree outside A's window.

We also added a Sealy Oleander in the corner near the garage. Ace Hardware had trained it to be a tree instead of a bush and I love the color and height that it adds. The only other tall thing we have in our yard is our huge Oak tree. 

I am in love with the Oleander. I know that it is poisonous but it is SO pretty. The pop of pink really stands out against all the green in our front yard. 

I know I said the yard was complete but I realized that is a lie. There is one other thing I want to add to the yard, a swing to hang from one of the Oak Tree branches. I love the idea of a swing and being able to swing out front while the kids ride their bikes or run around. 

To Do:
* put down grass
* add some color via flowers
* add a swing to hang from the Oak Tree
* create a deck area across the front step & dining area
* get setting on deck area

So excited for what our yard and house is becoming. 


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