Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This past weekend

This past weekend was a pretty typical/normal weekend. Nothing truly awful happened but nothing exciting happened. 

Friday was bad day. 

This is how H & I both felt on Friday.
H was an extremely defiant 2 year old. He was in the mood to test boundaries and see if I would follow through with my threatened punishments. I have to note that even on H's bad days, he isn't really bad. JJ and I have lucked out with a very sweet, gentle and kind boy so when he is bad it doesn't fit with his personality and I honestly don't know how to handle it. His bad day consisted of climbing up on windowsills after we repeatedly told him not to, taking a toy away from A and tearing the dust-jacket off 2 fairly old book. By the time that JJ came home, I was mentally done. We ate dinner as a family and put the kids to bed. JJ poured us both a glass of red wine and after talking for a little bit I went to the room for some alone time. I ended up just sitting in the quiet listening to the Carole King Pandora station. This helped me calm down and get to sleep. It was a nice, relaxing ending to a stressful day. 

My beloved Seminoles lost in the super-regionals. We just couldn't get our act together. We looked awful!  We had a great team and JJ & I were sure they were going to the College World Series. Alas, we were very wrong.  We only lost 3 games at home all season and then in the post season lost 2 in 1 weekend. I want to call the loss a heartbreaker but it really wasn't. We were sloppy and weren't able to hit the ball well. Indiana deserved to win.

A is really starting to come into her owna nd making us fall more and more in love with her. She truly babbled for the first time on Sunday. She was bouncing in her seat above and just started looking around saying "Dadadadada" like a champ. JJ was out golfing so he didn't get to hear it but always love that our kids say Daddy before Mama. A has also taken to wrapping her left arm around my neck and grabbing the hair at the base of my neck when she is tired and I am walking her to bed. She will then bury her head in my neck.  It melts my heart every time and I am going to miss it when she stops doing that. 

I hope that everyone had an uneventful weekend as well and that you are having a great Tuesday!


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