Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Potty Training... kill me now! (said the very proud Mama)

So, this past week, H woke up and decided that he did not want to wear diapers anymore.  This is all well and good except I was not prepared to start potty training at all.  I don't/didn't think that he was ready. He hated having his diaper changed and showed no forewarning of when he was going to potty. 

Day 0.5
We managed to try potty training until lunch on the first day and then H freaked out when he had an accident in his underwear and begged for his diaper back. I was happy to oblige since I really didn't think that he was ready to start potty training. 

Day 1 (when potty training started for REAL)
We were not going to start potty training again for a few months to a year but while I was working out, H disappeared. I found him with his diaper off and on the potty. That was it for me. There was no going back. Once he decided to take his diaper off himself, he had made that decision. I let him know right then and there that potty training was happening and we were going to follow it to completion. 

So they day started in a pair of underwear. We played outside and sat on the potty every 10 minutes. I plied him full of juice and set off on the adventure of day 2.  We had 1 accident about 3 minutes after sitting on the potty and I decided to do away with the big boy underwear.  I think that the underwear felt too much like diapers so he didn't feel the need to use the potty.  So, we took the underwear off and spent the rest of the afternoon in the playroom like this:

So far we have had much success for only the first real day of potty training.  I have decided to give him a treat whenever he goes on the potty. He gets a quarter of a Publix chocolate chip cookie whenever he goes on the potty. He gets so excited about getting a treat because he doesn't really get cookies around our house. 
The face of a proud little boy (with chocolate chip cookie on it)

We did switch potties because the potty from Day 1 (blue potty) didn't have a lip on it and the first time H went to the bathroom in the potty, he peed all over me. We have switched to a frog potty that my sister lent me that has a nice lip/guard on it. 

New Potty

I didn't realize how mentally exhausting potty training could be and how much I could miss going into other rooms in the house. 

One thing I did do, a while ago, was stock up on some books and Duplo Legos for him to use only when he is on the potty. I also downloaded some Fisher Price apps to my phone to entertain him. These have proved very helpful because he has something special to play with while he sits on the potty. The apps encourage him to sit on the potty a little longer when I think that he has to go #2. 

Here is to hoping things go as well as they have so far!


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