Monday, June 3, 2013

Swim Lesson Success & Hanging with the Arnolds

If this isn't a happy face, I don't know one.

H came home from his first swim lesson at the YMCA and declared that he didn't need to go back; not because he didn't like it but because he knew how to swim and didn't need any more lessons. 

It was a class of about 10 kids age 19 months to 36 months. They worked on kicking in the pool while holding onto the ledge, they jumped off the ledge and worked on putting most of their head underwater. 

JJ said that H met a nice little girl and enjoyed flirting with her and showing her he was the next Michael Phelps.  He said that H didn't cry and really seemed to enjoy himself. I can't wait to go next week and see how much my little guy is growing up and changing right before my eyes.

H came home ready to show off all that he learned so we had the Hunter Arnolds over for dinner so that the boys could swim in our "pool".  It was a great evening. 
The boys played in the pool showing each other how they can kick, splash and "swim". H & J (who is only a few months older than H) are both taking swim lessons this summer so it will be fun to see how they improve. 

The boys "swimming". This is really crawling in the pool.

H showing J how he learned to kick

J proving that he can do it too

FSU was playing Troy in the Regionals for baseball so we set up the TV outside and relaxed while the boys played. We had a delicious dinner from the grill. Flank Steak, spiced corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Lucy made a wonderful Eclair pudding for dessert. It was a big hit with everyone. I have claimed the leftovers as my own and won't share them with anyone! 

H has finally reached a stage where he is starting to actually play with other kids. He loves to play with kids so much and just revels in being able to play with his friends. It was great to hang back and watch H & J play together and not have to worry about either kid.

Lucy with A

Lucy with J

J rocking Lucys sunglasses

They boys going inside to play

It was the perfect summer evening of friends, swimming, grilling, hanging outside and laughter. I am looking forward to many more evenings like this in our future. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!


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