Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Toddler/Preschool Game: Find and Match

My mom amazes me. She is the director at the preschool at our church, Mandarin Presbyterian Church and she devotes herself to her job 100%. She works full time and then comes home and loves on her grandchildren. This week she has all 4 grandchildren in the same city. 

Mom is a true teacher at heart. She comes up with fun games that H loves to play that help him learn and develop. I know that she doesn't make these games up but she takes the time to put them together.

What you need for the Find & Match Game:
5 lb bag of dried beans
Huge bowl to store beans
20 small toys (we have a plastic necklace, coin, golf ball, key, wooden block, domino, medicine dropper, etc). 
Pictures of the toys (we laminated our pictures so that they would last longer).
She got a BIG bowl of dried beans and hid tiny "treasures" in it. 

You then have the kids reach in, find a treasure and match it to a laminated pictures of the treasure. 

NiNi played this game with H on Saturday and it was all he could talk about on Sunday. As soon as he say NiNi today, he ran around the house saying "Game? Game?". He was very ready to play again. 

On Saturday when we played the game with H he barely put his hands in the beans. Now, he was elbow deep in the beans and trying to find all the treasures before C. 

H is 2 and C is 3 so there is a bit of a development gap. Mom has decided that when she plays alone with C, she will have her reach in, find a toy and feel it. She will have C guess what toy she has in her hand while looking at the pictures. 

After the kids played the game for about an hour, mom got out another boy and 2 cups and the kids worked on transferring beans from 1 bowl to another. 

This game is a big hit. I am going to work on putting together one for our house. 

What sort of indoor games do you have for your kids?


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