Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Outfit

4th of July is today! I am normally not one to really dress for holidays. Since growing up I never dressed up for Halloween or put on Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas themed clothes. The one holiday I will dress for is the 4th of July. Part of this is that I truly do LOVE my country and am so proud to be born here; I also just think that red, white and blue look great together. 

We don't have a crazy 4th planned. We were going to get a mountain cabin with my parents and sisters family but couldn't find one that would fit our family so JJ & I are staying here in Jacksonville. 

We lucked out because Casey & Sarahs plans also fell through so they will be in town as well. The plan is to grill out and spend the day on the river at Caseys parents house and then set off fireworks from the dock. Hopefully the weather holds out for us today. I am excited about this. I love fireworks. Probably another reason that I am cool celebrating and going all out for the 4th. 

Anyway, since the day is going to be relaxed, I am going to wear a skirt because I won't be doing anything crazy. Since we are on the river, I am going to layer the below look with the cardigan once the sun goes down. So, below is what I will be rockin today. I am very excited about relaxing and looking cute!

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! Thank you to all the men & women who have worked and continue to work to make our Country what it is today!


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