Friday, July 26, 2013

#BackthatAzzUp Friday is back!!!

It is that time again! #backthatazzup is back! I know you are as excited as I am. 

I am still following the 90's trend that I started last week. You know that it truly doesn't get better than the 90's.

This one I have been loving since it came out. It is always on my workout playlist and it gets me pumped and ready to go every time I hear it.  The movie that it comes from wasn't that great. Lets be honest, once you hear that movie name, you probably will realize that you never actually saw the movie but have heard the song. 

So, without further ado... here is my song for the week: Come with me by Puff Daddy from Godzilla. Enjoy it! I know you will!!

Come With Me by Puff Daddy on Grooveshark

Jam out and have a great weekend!!


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