Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Commenting Challenge - Day 2: Favorite Show(s)


We are on Day 2 of Jenna's Commenting Challenge. Todays topic is favorite TV show/series/reality show. 

Let preface this by saying that I love TV. I am not sure what it is but I have always loved watching TV. I was a very active kid growing up by loved TV so much that my parents had to limit me to 30 minutes a day and 1 hour on weekends. That being said, it is pretty hard for me not to list about 100 shows that I watch and love. 

I love that this picture has Damon Wayanes Jr.  He is super funny and missed the boat on this one! That being said, Lamorne Morris is very funny.

First show that I love is New Girl. Anyone want to second that one? It is one of the best new shows. I love the cast and pretty much all episodes are funny (which is rare these days).  Nick Miller is my fantasy crush.  He may be a dirty rapscallion but he has a heart of gold :)


Scandal had me hooked from the first episode. The acting is exceptional and I truly do enjoy the plot lines. I like all the twists and turns and how Olivia Pope outsmarts pretty much every person on the planet. I wish I had that ability.  Also, I hate Fitz! I am not sure what it is about it him (lies... I dislike him because he is a cheater and annoying)  but I do not want to see Olivia get together with him AND I want his wife to leave him. Teach that cheating man a lesson!!!!


How I Met Your Mother is another favorite. I am completely invested in the show and have waited with bated breath to meet the mother. (I was so glad that they finally showed her in the season finale). I can't wait to see the mother and Ted together as well as Barney & Robin as a married couple. I have always liked B&R together so it makes me very happy that they are getting married. 


Veronica Mars is along the same lines as Scandal but has much more attractive men as a whole. She is a bad ass who solves not only her problems but everyone elses. I was stocked to hear that they are making a movie and can not wait until 2014 when t comes out. I will probably be in line at midnight for it. 

.... and last but not least.....


..... Friends. This is the whole that really started it all for me. I watched all 10 seasons in real time and as much as I am embarrassed to admit it, I cry every time I watch the finale. These people really did become my friends. The show had it all. Laughter, drama, fashion, pretty people. What more do you really want from TV?!?! Monica was probably my favorite character. I am relatively neurotic like her so I identified with her.  Joey really annoyed me the whole series but the show needed him so I always let him slide. 

What is your favorite show(s)? Who was your favorite Friends character? You know you have one. 


  1. Friends! YES!! We are currently watching them on DVD...midway through season two. Love them so much! I'm probably a little too Monica, but my husband would say with a little bit of Phoebe thrown in.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am definitely going to have to catch up if this is the last season coming up. It's hilarious!

    Your kiddos are so precious!

    I'm adding you on BlogLovin.

  3. I am so sad this is the end of HIMYM! I love Friends, too. My favorite is the lobster episode :)

    1. The Lobster Episode is good. One of my favorites is when Ross wants to play the bagpipes for Monica and Chandlers wedding. I laugh out loud every time I watch Pheobe trying to "sing along" with Ross.

  4. Friends is the best!!! We didn't have cable in college so we just watched the seasons on DVD over and over. I must have seen every episode at least 5 times! My favorite episode is the Brad Pitt Thanksgiving one (teeny weenie!) haha :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I liked Scandal and I watched a few episodes, but then I missed a few and I was completely lost. I like Modern Family, Walking Dead and Duck Dynasty!

    (Stopping by from Jenna's comment challenge!)

  6. Ahhhh! You like Scandal too??? I love it, it's such a great show! I love that you don't like Fitz..I think you are the first person that I have heard say that! So I have to ask...did you like Olivia with Jake?? Anyways...so glad I found another person who likes scandal as much as I do! :)

    Nice to "Meet" ya! If you get a chance stop on over to my place! :)


    1. Hi Faith!! Nice to meet you. Now that you ask, I absolutely love Olivia and Jake together. I have always been a Noel Crane fan so I was so excited when he join Scandal. I have high hopes that he will get out of his hole in the ground and make another appearance. :)

      I love that you are a fan of Bones and The Office. I can't believe I forgot those two because I do own all the seasons!

      Are you on Bloglovin?


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