Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

the adventures of the Keitzer Family

I hope that every one had as good a 4th of July as we did. My parents were up in Atlanta with my sisters family so we got to do a holiday with just our little family.  This is the first time since we got married (more than 4 years ago) that we have had a holiday to ourselves. I love spending time with our parents but it was really nice to just relax as our little family unit. 

The day was pretty normal. We worked out, took a walk around the neighborhood as a family and then had lunch. After quiet time we took the quilt outside and just laid in the front yard under the  and relaxed and played.

After enjoying the beautiful weather for a few hours, we went next door for Happy Hour with some neighbors. It was nice to finally meet some of the neighbors and just visit with people. 

After Happy Hour we headed over to Judges house on the river to enjoy dinner, fun and fireworks. We started out taking family pictures. I hate the way I look in pictures so my favorite one from the day is this one:
(Notice that I am not wearing my 4th of July outfit.  We had some food accidents so I had to change.)

After family pictures, the guys took the kids 4-wheeling. We told H that he was going 4-wheeling and he looked at me and said "No mama, I 1-wheeling." Cracked us up. Not sure where his little head came up with 1-wheeling but that is what he was calling it. 

After 4-wheeling the guys wanted to get crazy so H & A.C. went riding in a little jeep. H had never done that so it was pretty funny to watch him jerk around and only turn left. 

After that Judge set off some smaller fireworks in their backyard. A.C. does not like loud noises so he did not enjoy it but it was all we could do to get H to stay back. 

After a delicious dinner of typical 4th of July fare (hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, watermelon, etc) we decided to set off the big fireworks and sparklers. The boys did not like the noise of the loud fireworks so they stayed inside but it was so much fun to set of the fireworks and just watch them explode. I love fireworks. There is something so thrilling about all of the hearing them go up and seeing all the colors glistening in the air. 

I love that little A.G. wanted to do sparklers in her ballerina tutu. Once that was done, it was 9 pm and time to get the kids to bed. 

It was a great and relaxing day celebrating our nation and all that we stand for. 

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  1. What cute photos! It sounds like you had an awesome 4th!



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