Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1

JJ has left for Germany for 2 weeks with work. This came up extremely last minute (we had 2 days to prepare). This is a great opportunity for his professional career but I am sad to be left at home with the kids while he is off to Europe. 

So, he doesn't have a lot of free time so these are my letters to him about the going-ons of our life while he is gone. 

Day 1

Yes, I am writing a summary for Day 1 at 7 pm. I just got done putting H to bed and am exhausted. Crying really takes it out of you. 

As soon as you shut the car door after saying goodbye to A, she started to scream. She screamed until we got on 295. I don't think she liked being in the car and seeing you walk away. She cried until we got home. H didn't really cry. I think his sadness will hit tomorrow or Monday.  I was sad too but it was tripled listening to A scream from sadness. 

We didn't do chick-fil-a for dinner.  With A crying I really didn't want to extend the trip any longer than I had to. I decided comfort food, McDonald's, is what we all needed. I got the kids Happy Meals with chocolate milk. That was a huge hit. As was the apples in the meal. Both kids really are them up. I am going to have to start buying apples for the kids. 

As soon as we got home A seemed to calm down. Both kids were overly excited to see Darby. H even told me as we were pulling into the neighborhood that "no one took Darby while we were gone." So weird. 

We ate, played and watched a show. A went down immediately at 6. She wanted a bear with her in bed and was sitting up hugging it as I left the room. She is such a lover. H was in a very imaginative mood so we acted out what was happening on Doc McStuffins. He seemed to enjoy doing that. H requested his fire truck PJs but didn't want the striped ones so he settled on Monkeys. He was really good the whole time until it was time for me to leave the room. That is when he realized that you wouldn't be reading to him too. I calmed him down by telling him we would be taking a bath and going to church tomorrow. 

I am now cuddled in bed with Darby reading 11-22-63 and eating cookies while watching The Office. I figure I will read The Shining during the day and this at night since it isn't scary. 

I love you with all my heart and missed you before you were gone. I hope that you have safe flights. Can't wait to hear all about it. 

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