Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 9

Every time the time changes in the spring I have hopes that the kids will sleep later. No such luck today. I woke up at 6:45 the new time which is 5:45 in her head. I made her stay in bed until 7:15 new time. Is that bad? H came out around then so I figured I had to get her up. I really wanted her to sleep in because I just could not fall asleep last night. 

I have really taken a liking to Arrested Development. It is so quirky weird but cracks me up. I think that you would like it too.

I ordered a new marriage certificate. I need a certified marriage certificate for the passport and the only thing that I could find was the marriage application. I have no idea where our marriage license is. I couldn't even find a scanned copy of it. It was only $12 to get 2 certified copies mailed to me. I figured I would get an extra one in case I don't get the other returned from the passport office. It really bothers me that I can't find the license. I know that we had one at some point because I used it to get my drivers license. I rarely misplace things so when I do it REALLY bothers me (as you know). 

I am glad that you got to see the sites around Berlin. I can't wait to hear about the Holocaust museum. (Sadly I just had to spell check museum. Either my brain is not working yet or I am an awful speller... I will let you pick which one).  I can only imagine what it was like to see all of that. I can understand how Checkpoint Charlie wouldn't really mean anything to you. It is just a site where people went in and out of. From what I understand, nothing really horrific happened there other than families being separated but that isn't really anything that would move us. 

A did not nap this morning. I put her down after the kids bath. I am wondering if she is cutting out her morning nap or if she was cold because I only put her down in her diaper. These are the things I get to ponder on while you are gone. Riveting aren't they. 

Church was good. The kids were adorable, of course. The message was on the lines of Lent and things that you shouldn't do during Lent. The message today was "Going at it alone". Jenn Arnold did the sermon and it was really good. 

After nap we immediately ate snack and went to meet your dad at the beach. The weather was great. It was warm but not hot and the beach was busy but not crowded. It was great. H took to the sand as soon as we put the stuff down. He did not like walking on the sand with his shoes so as son as he could take them off, he loved it. A, on the other hand, did not like the sand at first. She freaked out that there was sand on her feet and sat in your dads lap for the first 15-20 minutes. Any time you asked her if she wanted to get down and play she would try to climb higher in your fathers lap. 

After A had watched me play in the sand with H, she finally decided she would try out the sand. After that, the kids played in the sand for an hour and a half! It was crazy! I never expected them to be so entertained. We will definitely have to do it again because it was really relaxing. 

Around about 5 I asked the kids if they wanted to go see the ocean. I carried A and H walked with me. It was all well and good until the first wave came. It would have been fine if it had been a normal wave but this was a pretty decent wave. He was knocked down and then the water took the sand from under his feet. It did not sit well with him. So, the beach ended rather quickly and we changed and headed to dinner. 

Your dad was completely in his element. He was so excited to show off his grandkids to his friends. He actually waved people down in the parking lot to look  at the kids before we left. It was pretty cool.  Dinner was good and of course the kids were charmers but we didn't leave until about 6:45 so they were really tired and went straight to bed. I should have given them a bath after the beach but I will just give them one tomorrow morning. 

I enjoyed the time with your dad. It was nice to spend time with him without you there. It feels a little more comfortable between us now. After dinner the other night and tonight, it doesn't feel like you HAVE to be there. 

I asked your dad the plan for tomorrow. Evidently Kev gets released from jail at 12:01 tonight but your dad isn't picking him up until around 9 am. He told Kev that if they won't let him hang out in his cell until he get there that he could try the park across the sleep and see if he can sleep on a bench. Kinda test out what it would be like to be homeless so he can make a really informed decision about whether he wants to do drugs again or not.  They will probably swing by here between Quiet Time and dinner. 

I am excited to see your brother. Both H & A were really upset that we had to leave Grandpa so I let them know that he would be coming over tomorrow with Uncle Kev. I told H that Uncle Kev had been on a trip for a long time so I was excited to see him. H tells me that he doesn't like Uncle Kev. I am really worried that he is going to say that in front of Kevin tomorrow. I will flip my lid on him if he does. That is the last thing your brother needs to hear. 

I am so glad you got home earlier than expected. Only 6 more days until you are home!

I love you and can't wait to see you!

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