Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 7

Today was a better day than yesterday. It helped to get the cry out. I knew that you e-mailed mom because you mentioned us going over there for dinner and that conversation happened after I e-mailed you. 

I am sorry if my e-mail this morning hurt your feelings. I know that you are busy and working hard but you haven't been communicating much at all. I would e-mail almost everything that happened during the day and you would respond with 1 sentence. You would not be happy if I just e-mailed you one sentence every day. You would feel so left out and that is how I felt. So, thank you for the e-mail. I like knowing what you are doing and thinking. I miss not talking to you everyday and knowing what you doing and feeling. 

Small group was really good. We talked about Communication; I thought that was very apropos. It was good to talk about everything and learn some communication mistakes that we can all make. We had our baby shower for Jillian. I think she was a little embarrassed/overwhelmed but I think that it was really good that we did it. i hope that it made her feel special and let her know how much we enjoy her. 

Casey won his big trial to the tune of $70 Million for the company. Sarah said he was pretty happy. Evidently his company closed Ruth Chris down last night celebrating. Sarah was very proud of him which was really cute.  She told me that she is giving him tomorrow off so the plan is to take the kids over there for a play date and to hang out while Casey does his thing.  Hopefully that happens because I know how much H will enjoy playing with them. 

I ordered the pants & shirts from The Limited. With tax and shipping everything came to $126 but I saved $167 so that is pretty cool.  I am excited about them and hope everything fits. Then I can wear this stuff on a date and be pretty for you. 

Your son got dressed this morning and said "Everything is beautiful" when he looked in the mirror. I have no idea where he got that from because I definitely don't say that. 

H broke my heart today. On the way home school today he told me that Sarah shook her head and told him that she did not love him. Why would she say that? He was very sad about it when he told me. I can't believe that he is 3 and someone has already told him that they don't love him. 

I have put a towel down by the outside door in the living room. We are supposed to get some more rain and I am hoping that this will help keep the rain away from the wood. 

It was pretty cold here today; 46 when I was getting H home from school. I looked it was colder in Jacksonville, FL than in Frankfurt, Germany which kinda blew my mind. Pretty much everywhere in the world is supposed to be colder than Florida; except for Tropical places. 

Kristin is not coming in town today but she might try to come tomorrow. I don't think that they should drive all this way for 24 hours but she has done it before and I am sure that she will do it again some time. She should just be with her puppy and then come down at the end of April like planned. She sent me a text about 7:30 telling me that the Dog is doing good but has yet to say whether they are coming down this weekend or not. 

I finished 11/22/63 today. It did not end how I expected it to but it was a good read and I enjoyed kinda thinking how things would be if we went back in time and changed one thing. 

Dinner with Mom & Dad went well. A now says NIENIE (pretty much the say as when she says Nigh-Nigh) & Poppa. She sure took a loving to Poppa tonight. She didn't want to do anything without him. It was nice to spend time with mom & Dad and have to kids happy again without it being me that took care of everything. You were EXTREMELY right about what we did for dinner; and it was good. I had my first glass of wine, or any alcohol, since our date night. 

I love you and am kinda excited about e-mail "texting" this weekend and kinda getting to talk to you more. I miss you terribly and really don't like that I don't know every single thing you are doing or thinking. 

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