Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2

Day 2

So Darby and I did not sleep well. Any time she heard a sound or I rolled over she went looking for you. It was a LONG night so I started House of Cards. It is well written appears to be very intriguing. I think you will like it. Chromecast stopped working during the second episode. My phone just stopped registering it. It seems to have shut itself off and I couldn't get it to light up again. I am wondering if it got a little to hot behind our TV. I am going to try it out tonight and might have to buy another one tomorrow when I go to get groceries. 

The kids woke up at exactly 6:30 which is good because I did too. The morning was very normal. We ate breakfast and played until it was time for them to hop in the bath.  We did get to Skype with you which was nice. It is night to know that we will see your face for a little bit each day. H seems very confused by the whole thing but poor A could not stop waving Hi to the computer. Even after we were done Skyping and the computer was closed!  While they were playing in the bath I actually made coffee for myself and then got busy and forgot to drink it. I am sure that won't be the case tomorrow. 

We made it to church and everyone looked good and clean. I ran into Olivia and Liz while putting A in nursery. I stopped by to say Hi and the next thing I know church is letting out. I am a little mortified that I missed church to talk to Olivia and Liz but I really enjoyed it. I might try to get together with them another time. 

Mom and Dad took pity on us and took up to Red Elephant for lunch. The kids were AMAZING . We might be able to take the restaurants again. Mom and Dad laughed that H & A acted like they had never been out in public the way they were starring at everyone and everything. A was at the end of the table and spent much of lunch turned around waving and saying HI to everyone that passed.  It was pretty cute. I had the kids share grilled cheese and some fruit. I was upset to see fruits that the kids wouldn't like in the dish but A ate it all (not a shocker there). What did shock me was that she ate PINEAPPLE! What 1 year old (or 30 year old) like pineapple? Once she discovered it, that was all she ate. Made me smile. Just when I don't think that her eating habits can amaze me more, they do. 

I have tried to make out a grocery list a couple times today and so far nothing really sounds good. All I have down to make this week are Boiled Eggs, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip muffins and a BLT pasta. I just don't know what to make for the kids. I don't want to make big meals every night for the 3 of us but I am already kinda tired of fast food. 

We are had macaroni and cheese and Hot Dogs for dinner tonight. As soon as I decided to do that, I knew it was because of you. I would NEVER desire to make this if I wasn't married to you.  It really didn't taste good but the kids ate it up. 

Chromecast keeps shutting off after 10 minutes in our room and then I can't get it start. I know that we didn't have this problem in the living room so I am thinking that maybe it isn't getting enough power from the TV in our room.  The non-lazy thing for me to do would be to get out of bed and try it in the living room but that seems too easy. 

I love you and I hope that your first work day goes well and that you get to eat some German food!

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