Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 11

Darby is back to scratching herself constantly. On Sunday I am going to have to get something to spray in the back yard. Every time she comes in from going to the bathroom I find a flea on her. I know I am not finding all of them because she keeps biting herself. I put Frontline stuff on her on Sunday but I am thinking that it might be expired because it doesn't seem to have done anything for the fleas. I can't bath her every day to try to get the fleas off.  I got a notice from the Vet that she is due some shots so maybe I will take her in next week and see what new flea medicine they recommend.  Her medicine isn't doing much good when she is getting flea bites all the time. I just feel so bad for her and don't know what to do about it right now. 

H woke up right at 6:30 and did his "Ding Ding" thing at the door until I quietly told him he could leave the room. It always cracks me up when he imitates a a doorbell to leave his room. Where did he come up with that. A woke up at 7, which was nice to get stuff together with just one kid. H asked about watching a show this morning so, my answer was no since he asked about it. He waited a few minutes and quietly whispered again about watching a show. I reminded him of my rule and told him No. He handled it well and he and A played until it was time to go to nursery. 

Both kids were really excited to go to nursery. It cracks me up how excited they about going places. Yoga was really good; much better than last week. It was very calming and relaxing. I didn't want to go and almost sat in the parking lot and read a book while the kids were in nursery but I made myself go and I am very glad that I did. Sarah wasn't at yoga again today because she had to register Audrey for kindergarten. Blows my mind that she is going to be starting kindergarten in August. 

After yoga H asked for a taco for lunch. He has been really good while you were gone so I thought I would treat him to Taco Bell for lunch. We watched Dora the Explorer while we ate lunch. He watched it last time we were at Casey & Sarah's and is now obsessed with it. I think Dora was a mistake because when it was time to go for quiet time he freaked out! He would not stop asking about watching Dora after quiet time. I reminded him of my rule and told him to make a good decision during quiet time and we will see if he can. Well, he ended up whining and crying himself to sleep because he wanted to watch Dora. That kid and his TV. I don't know what to do about it!

I have had a hard time falling asleep at night. I didn't want to nap today so that I can sleep tonight. So, after lunch I had one of your leftover Doubleshot Espresso from like 2 Christmas' ago. It really woke me up and I was not tempted to nap during Quiet Time. 

After the kids woke up we went outside to use the water table. (This you know). This is the first time that A really used the water table and she had a great time once we watched how H was playing. 

They both had a great time. We played outside for about an hour and a half and then headed in for dinner. The kids had corn dogs with carrots & apples and I had a frozen Thai dinner. Interesting fact: A is not adverse to a curry sauce. She constantly begged for some of my food even after she had a bite. 

After dinner things kinda went downhill. H became very bossy and whinny. Not very, EXTREMELY. He went to the time out chair twice and finally at 6:15 I announced that he was going to bed early because clearly he was tired and/or needed some alone time. He flipped out and was so upset that he couldn't even get his underwear off to go to the bathroom. I finally told him that if he didn't go to the bathroom and undress for bed that he would go to bed in his underwear and I would strip the sheets off the bed. So, that got him to straighten up. We read 3 books and then I left. He didn't cry or anything; which really surprised me. 

So, that was my day. I am very ready for you to be home. I keep thinking that things are getting easier and they are in a way but when H freaks out, he has started really freaking out. It is weird going to bed at 8 when I am not trying to escape you... just kidding. 

I love you and can't wait to see you on Sunday night... just kidding. I know you are coming home on Saturday. I am just on fire right now. I wish we were skying so that you could see me laughing at my own jokes.   I love you and miss you. 

PS: They are just started playing the Charlie Brown music on Arrested Development. I can't get away from that music!

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