Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 6

Today has been kinda a weird day. It started with me taking a pregnancy test. Clearly it came back negative because you would not be finding out this way if it was positive. My period is 10 days late. I am sure my period was postponed because of the stress of you leaving but 10 days late is a long time.  Maybe I am going through menopause or something. 

I have to admit, I was kinda sad. The thought of a third kid scared the crap out of me but bringing another one of our amazing kids into the world seemed kinda cool. Also, I figured, if I was pregnant then God REALLY wanted us to have this baby since he gave it to us after your vasectomy.  Then I started to think about all the money this third kid would cost us; bigger house, bigger car, another crib or clothes if it was a boy, another breast pump, another car seat, another kid to put through college, wedding, etc, etc, etc, etc. After thinking about all this, I decided that I am really glad that I'm not pregnant but the idea of a bigger house did kinda get me excited. 

Mrs. Davis' (H's teacher) birthday is next Tuesday so I had H paint a card for her. I don't know if he enjoyed doing it because I stressed out a little about it. It didn't seem very kid friendly but I thought that he would like doing it. I tried to quiz him on his colors while he painted and he could not name a single color. I am hoping it is because he was a little distracted/excited. 

No Julington Creek Pest Control today. Starting a 9:30 this morning it started raining and the rest of the day is like 80%-90% chance of rain. Because of the rain the kids started to go a little stir crazy. We watched a movie in the afternoon with some popcorn. H loved it; A was not impressed but then again, nothing with TV really impresses her. 

I am tired of being an only parent. I have noticed that I am quicker to get angry and I am just tired all the time. Man, I hope this is just my period about to finally start. 

I found some pants that I like. The Limited is having a sale and I could get 2 pair of pair of jeans and 2 shirts for about $100. So, hopefully they will still be on sale when you get back because one of the jeans is a nicer jean that will be good for dressing up. 

We need to do something about the weatherstripping or lack there of on the door to the living room. I have noticed that water is getting in when it rains and wood is warping and getting discolored :(

The sunglasses from Carters came in today and are super cute. It makes me sad that A's sunglasses fit me but that doesn't surprise since she did inherit part of you big head. 

I love how they look in the sunglasses and how much they like them. Neither one wanted to put them on when I first got them but once I hold H how good he looked in them, he was all about them. 

I really do think that A's gap is getting bigger. After you get back I think I will take her to the dentist to see what they say. I don't really want her growing up with the gap. 

The kids played very well after dinner. They played in A's room and pretended to scare each other. A loved it and would jump around with happy feet and laugh every time that H would scare her or me. It helped to brighten my day a little bit. 

I can not find the cereal that I bought anywhere. I looked at the receipt and I know that I paid for it, but it is not in the back of the car or in our house. I am bummed and will have to get some more tomorrow. I was pretty bummed today so I am going to treat myself to some Dunkin Donuts tomorrow. 

I love you and hope that you had a great nights sleep and a good morning. 

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