Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 4

Today I had planned on taking the kids to the new Members only Tiger Exhibit. I did not do that. Yesterday was gorgeous but today was gloomy and cold. After the kids woke up from nap I didn't feel like being outside. So, we are going to wait and see it with you when you come back. 

No one really slept well last night. I don't know if it was the weather cooling down but A woke up early, H woke up a couple of times during the night and I just could not stay asleep. 

I tried out a new show during snack time from Disney Jr. It is called Ella the Elephant. After we watched it, I asked H if he liked it. His response, and I quote, "No. It stressful." So, we are not going to be watching Ella the Elephant because it stresses our 3 year old out.

I went to yoga this morning. It was awful! Big girl was in my spot which completely threw me off. If I ever try to tell you I am not a creature of habit you can laugh at me. I could not concentrate and my balance was way off. It didn't help that Big girl was modifying all the poses to add her own stuff. Just so distracting. Sarah started her period so she wasn't there this week but I am MAKING her come next week to enjoy the show with me. 

A repeated the word "Purple" after I said it. I was kinda impressed. She has also started calling Pooh Bear "Poo Poo Baby." I laugh every single time she says it.  She also said Amen at the end of God Our Father at dinner & before bed. I know that they say girls are more verbal than boys; it is just weird to see it played out. 

Julington Creek Pest Control came out. I really like the guy. He was very nice and seemed really knowledgeable. I showed him our problem spots and the backyard. He actually told me that when you put plugs down, you need to step on them once a day to sink them into the ground. He said not to twist and turn on them but step on them to make sure they stay down. He was very impressed with all that we had done with the yard.  It is going to be $60 every 6 weeks for treatment which I think sounds reasonable. I am loving that they spray for flea & ticks. Darby has been scratching a lot again. I am going to give her a bath tomorrow when i shower. 

Today wasn't as great as the last 2 days. Like I said, I think being the only parent is wearing on me.  It might have been not getting a good nights sleep but who knows. I also got Wendys for dinner. After making dinner AND cleaning up last night I just didn't want to do it again tonight. Also, dinner ended up not filling me up last night. I got seconds around 8 pm and ate some snack and dessert. I will probably be fat by the time you get back. 

I felt better after talking to you. I know that we don't have a set schedule of when we talk but starting around 1 pm I stay near the phone and computer and was stressed out until you called. I didn't want to miss you.  The kids played really well after we talked. We had dessert in the play room and then H invented a game where he turned both toy strollers on their sides and he and A pretended to race down the hall. Both kids LOVED it! 

The day ended on a better note than it had been. I love you and hope that you had a great nights sleep. 

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