Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 14

Today was a good day. The kids woke me up promptly at 6:30.  We hung out until it was time to take H to school. 

Since Mom's group was cancelled, Sarah & I met for breakfast at Panera. I have not been to Panera in a long time. I have a caramel latte and an asiago cheese bagel. DELICIOUS! A & EB were great while there. They really didn't look at each other too much in the first 20 minutes but after that they copied everything the other person did. Sarah & I decided that if the weather is nice next week we are going to get the kids together for a water playdate in their backyard. 

After breakfast, A & I went to Target. I got some nude heels because I realized all my heels are wintery and I need something to wear to Mallory & Tylers wedding. I also got a storage bin for H's clothes so we can get them out of our room! Get excited :) I also had to get some more cereal because H is going through it like crazy. 

We had some time between Target and picking H up so I headed home. The whole time I was putting H's clothes into the storage bin, A layed on the ground reaching under our bed. She finally pulled out the Doc McStuffin case that I thought I had thrown away. It wasn't broken or anything; it had just gotten lost under our bed. When H got home he was so excited to see it. He spent the whole time before quiet time letting me know that it wasn't broken and that A had found it.  Pretty cute. 

Darby has finally started to sleep on that soft thing your dad got her. It is on the floor by the brown chair and the sun hits that area during quiet time so that is her favorite place to spend quiet time. A did not wake up well after quiet time. She only slept about an hour and was all kinds of cranky when she woke up. 

I was reading my blogs and found out that the Veronica Mars movie opened this weekend. That is something that we ARE going to see in the movie theater! I am super pumped about the thought of Veronica Mars, a coke ICEE and popcorn! HOLLA!!!

Dinner with Mom & Dad was good. The kids were great and loved seeing Mom & Dad. M & D are going to have the kids spend the night tomorrow night so that they can actually get some sleep while I go to pick you up.  

I picked up my Cuckoo clock while I was there but still have not been able to find the plates that Henny gave me.  I know that I would not throw them out but I have no idea where they are! Mom is going to help me look in the attic some time this week during spring break. 

Nina sent me a text tonight asking me if you were in Germany. This is the first I have heard from her in 16 months. Did you put anything on Facebook?  She is going to be in the states for about a month and a half for work and Kristens wedding so we are going to get together. I actually miss her and can't wait to see her.  

So... that's all that I have for today. 27 hours from now I will get to pick you up! I love you and I hope that you were able to get a good nights sleep. 

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