Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 8

The time is going to change tonight and I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I loose an hour of sleep; on the other hand, the kids might sleep until 7:30 instead of 6:30 and we will be able to take walks after dinner since it will be so much lighter. 

I forgot to tell you that I told mom about Sarah telling H she didn't love him. Mom  told me not to worry too much about it. She said that Preston's mom has been making a really big deal and going around all the time talking about how Preston is "in love" with Sarah. She has Preston wear his Superman cape to school and will talk about how the "S" is for Sarah. Evidently this has freaked Sarah out hardcore. So much so that her mom has requested that Sarah not be in Prestons class next year! So, Nicole (Sarah's mom) had a talk with Sarah and told her that if anyone says I love you it is very ok to tell them that you don't love them. So, since we talk about love so much I think that H said it to Sarah and she just said what her mom told her to. I do think that Sarah likes H and doesn't hate him and was just doing what name her feel comfortable not anything meanly. That made me feel better.

Also, I think that A really misses you. Last night she actually tried to jump for joy when Poppa came in and would not let him go. She actually cried when he tried to leave the room one time. She is missing having a man in her life. 

The kids woke up at 6:30 on the dot. I was hoping that they would wake up a little later since they didn't get to bed until about 7:30 but no such luck. We watched Bob the Builder while eating breakfast and H went around the house all morning singing Bob The Builder. It was awesome.

We played around the house until A woke up from her morning nap. Her morning naps seem to be getting a little shorter so maybe she is cutting them out. While A napped, H & I played in his room. We put together his puzzles and he was pretty good at it. Not great since he is a 3 year old, but way better than I expected. I really enjoyed just being quiet and putting puzzles together with him.  He actually asked me to buy some more which I think I will do since he is a good activity for his brain development and quiet. 

While A was sleeping Sarah text me to say that Casey had decided to forgo his free pass and hang out with his family. I had kinda hoped that he would do that since he hadn't really seen his family all week. I am very glad that he choose to do that. I think that it speaks volumes of how far he & Sarah have come that a) she was willing to let him have a day off after working so hard and b) that he wanted to hang out with his family instead of having time to himself. 

Since the playdate was off, I decided to take the kids to the park. Both kids were crazy excited. While I was getting everything pack A saw her snack pack and turned to me and said "Please Mama". She is 16 months old and just put 2 words together! I was really excited for her and how far she has come language wise. 

Mom and Dad met us at the park which turned out to be a really good thing because A was very cautious about being at the park with a bunch of kids she didn't know so I had to stay by her until Mom & Dad arrived. 

The park was great! The weather was fantastic and there really weren't a lot of kids around. A went down the slide with NiNi a few times and would say "WEEE" everytime she went down. We went out to the dock and got to watch a couple of boats cast off which H thought was fantastic. The boats would make bubbles while in the water and A just sat there saying "Hi Bubbles"! Another 2 word sentence! I tried to get a video of it. You might need to turn up your volume to hear it but it is so cute. 

While at the park we ran into Dr. Weaver (my old orthodontist). I asked him about A's lip tie. He said to wait to take her to the Orthodontist until she is at least 8. He said by then she should have lost most if not all of her baby teeth. He confirmed what I had read about the procedure causing scar tissue that would make it hard to decrease the gap. He said that once all the adult teeth come in they should actually close most of the gap on their own and THEN we see if we need to cut it. I feel better having spoken with a Dr about it but I hate thinking of her growing up with that big gap. 

Since you have been gone H has taken to napping on the floor. Not really sure what the correlation is for him but he will not nap on his bed. Also, today is the first day that he has cried at either nap or bed time which I am rather enjoying. It is nice to have him just accept that it is bed time and play until he is tired. 

So, I spent $93 dollars at Publix when I went in for 4 things. They had BOGO frozen soft pretzels. Since I have been craving Auntie Annes pretzels, I figured I would try them. I got regular salted and a sweet box. Hopefully they will be good because I will be sad if they don't. I got lunch meat and cheese for myself to make sandwiches. I am very tired to fast food so hopefully I will be able to make myself eat it. I also got some shampoo that mom recommended. It had better be good because the shampoo and conditioner together were $45. Luckily, with how much I wash my hair, that will last like 3 years. I also got some stuff for dinners this week so I shouldn't have to go back to the store or get fast food this week too many times. 

Was A shaking her head "Yes" when you left? If not, it is hilarious to see. She leans her head back and then very emphatically drops it down but in slow motion. It took me the longest time to figure out what she was doing when she did it. Makes me smile every time. 

After Publix, we went in the back yard to play and pull some more weeds since the weather was so nice. I really think that is where Darby is getting her fleas. Almost every time she comes in from outside I find a flea on her. I know that Julington Creek Pest Control sprays for them but I think you and I should also spray a couple of times, if we can, to help get rid of them. Her medicine isn't going to do any good if she gets new fleas every day. :(

We had leftover pizza from Sanitionis for dinner tonight. I actually really enjoyed it leftover. H is loving it because we have now had pizza for dinner 3 nights in a row. I am glad that we are going out to dinner with your dad tomorrow so it won't be 4 nights in a row. 

Kristin is not coming to town. Puppy is still not doing well. Evidently they made yesterday a very good day for him. All his favorite human food, afternoon in the park and Adam & Mary came over to play with him last night. Since she isn't coming down, your dad asked that we come after church for some play on the beach and early dinner at Cafe 11. I really think that he wants some grandkids time before he has to start watching 24/7. H seems really excited about it so that will be fun. 

Talking to you on G-mail Chat today was good for my soul. I felt like we were text messaging like we normally do. It also felt like it was when we were both working. It made you seem just a little closer for that hour. I am very glad that we got to do it. This time, 7 days from now, you will be almost home. I think that has been really good for me. I haven't really had to parent alone yet or had a chance to miss you. This just solidifies, for me, how much in love with you I really am. I don't go a minute without thinking about you. (Darby is licking the tears off my face as a write this. That is good because I am no longer sad; instead I am kinda grossed out that I am letting her lick the tears off my face.)  

I love you dearly and hope that you have a great day in Berlin tomorrow. I will probably be with your dad at Cafe 11 tomorrow when you call so I will make sure that I have skype open on my phone. 

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