Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 15

I pre-ordered the movie Frozen last night. Since we aren't ready to take the kids to a movie, I figured this would be a good way to see it. That and everyone I have talked to has said that this is the best Disney movie in about a decade in a half, and that is from parents. A lot of people LOVE it so I thought that it would be good for us to have on hand. I also figured it was time to start buying movies that that kids would like; not just old ones that we love. Mom wants to see it too so maybe we have a movie watching party for the kids. 

I almost bought Hungry Hungry Hippos at Target today. I remember when we had family game night growing up and I thought that it might be fun for us to start with H.  The game is for ages 4+ so I figured I would give it a few more months before we get it. 

I am so ready for you to be home. You will probably be almost home by the time you are reading this. 2 weeks is too long. 

We stayed at dinner with Mom and Dad until about 7:30. I came home and immediately put the kids to bed. H slept until 7 and A slept until 8. It was pretty great! I made H lay in bed with me until 7:30 watching a show to kinda keep the noise down so A could sleep longer. 

I spent the day cleaning the house for you. I am pretty sure this is the cleanest the house has been since we moved in. Pretty much the only thing that I didn't clean was the blinds. I want the house to be clean when you get home. I have decided that I want to hire some cleaners to come in and deep clean the house about once a year. I think that would be awesome. 

I switched out the toy box for the kids and they seriously spent the morning quietly playing with the toys. It was gloriously amazing. 

While cleaning the kitchen I decided that we should put open shelves on either side of the window in the kitchen. I think that it would create more storage and a place to put any serving dishes or fun stuff that we got from Henny. 

H slept for about an hour during nap time today. Once we was awake, he stood at his door and talked to himself very loudly. Here are some things that he said:
"She loves to party!"
"What is your name? What is your name, NiNi?"
"Uncle, Uncle, Uncle Kevin. Are you going too, Uncle Kevin?"
I would love to know what was going on inside this kids head. 

H & A were/are very excited to spend the night with NiNi & Poppa. This morning H announced that NiNi & Poppa are going to see him tomorrow. I let him know that they would see him tonight and they were going to spend the night over there. At this announcement, A grabbed her shoes and brought them over to me. I tried to tell her that it wasn't time to go yet. She started screaming and went and stood at the garage door saying "Please." Kinda broke my heart. 

I dropped the kids off with Mom & Dad at 5 and came home to finish cleaning the house to get ready for you. I think that you are currently in the air on your way to Jacksonville. 

Can't wait to see you!

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